INTERVIEW: The Final Interview of CaseyWegner


CaseyWegner is one of the most recognizable and historic members of System Wars. SWM interviewed him in 2007 here, and then we interviewed him again here, and then we had stories about him here, and again here.

Suffice to say, we covered him a lot. But it looks like this will be the final time, because CaseyWegner was banned from Gamespot. We interview him about this here:

Those who voted yes are currently being investigated by Gamespot staff, expect the banhammer in your PM's shortly.

The most popular mod of them all.

Hey there, CaseyWegner! How’s it going?

Hey Willy,

It’s going pretty good except for my finding out that South Park: The Stick of Truth has been delayed…again. I’ve had the thing pre-ordered since January of this year.

Oh yeah. I’m also banned from GameSpot.

Banned? As in banned banned? What happened?

As in banned banned. What happened? Your guess is probably as good as mine. Here’s the background leading up to it, though.

On the day that most of the Rangers were made into mods, I also got an invite from Synthia. However, I didn’t say “yes” right away and she became super busy with the new site launch and other functions. I was later told that I’d get the mod invite when the new site launched. Unfortunately, I later found out that she said this because she assumed that the other mods would no longer be holding a grudge over something that happened two years ago and that didn’t even affect them. She was wrong. Synthia then asked me to PM a group of mods who I thought would vouch for me. This was during the time when the new site launch was having a lot of technical difficulties which included the PM system. That’s why I’m sure a lot of people saw me asking various mods if they received a PM. Anyway, I eventually started hearing back from the mods and received several “yes” answers. (blue_hazy and cake seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth at this point. theirs and the other vouches probably would have been enough. >.<) Alas, the next thing I knew was that my account was banned.

I asked Synthia what happened and she told me that the Staff account banned me for campaigning. Essentially, I was banned for doing what Synthia told me to do. Despite being the community manager, she can't do anything if Staff is the one who took the action. I haven't been able to reach her since. Yet again, I am gone for no real reason. I'm still trying to contact Synthia because this is just ridiculous.

An old poll

Public opinion of CaseyWegner a few years ago.

That sequence of events must have been frustrating. Are you prepared to accept that this might be the end, or do you still have hope?

It was frustrating. I went through the training with Synthia on how to moderate under the new TOU, went for two and a half weeks thinking that I’d be a mod again and took the time to write those private messages to people only to end up banned and unable to reach anybody that can do anything. The worst part of it is that I had been posting on the forums for around 12 years and made a lot of friends who I’ll mostly never get to talk to again. I had actually considered leaving before the ban happened since I was kind of disgusted by some things that I saw but at least I would have the option to post there if I wanted to. Now there’s not even that. Twelve years, eight of those as a mod, and just gone. No warning. No recourse.

I suppose I have a sliver of hope. Synthia is the community manager and I refuse to believe that she has no pull. I don’t know what Staff told her which is why I still want to talk to her one last time. It would be nice to know why what happened actually happened. I’m prepared to accept that this is the end, though.

If you can’t come back, is there a forum out there you plan to make your home?

Not really sure. I’ve looked for forums similar to System Wars but haven’t been able to find any. I’ve checked out IGN and Giant Bomb but they seem kind of boring.

What is your one regret as a moderator of the past decade?

Well, there’s the obvious answer so I won’t bother mentioning that. I don’t really have many regrets as a mod but if there are any I suppose it would be these.

Perhaps I could have been more vocal about how overly strict the TOU was two versions ago. Maybe something could have been done about it sooner.

I never did bother writing down the rules of the metagame that were decided on by the community. Maybe if I had and included a mention of how the results were decided then it would still be in the hands of the community this new generation. The rules decided on this generation matched the limited results from the poll threads before they were locked but it was never meant to be anything controlled by the mods.

What would you say to the friends you leave behind?

Trying not to sound too generic, it was great getting to know you guys over the years. ‘Tis a shame that it ends like this. Happy posting. Maybe I’ll see you around somewhere. I do check the PUSH site regularly and I know some of you post there.

And one last thing….Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo?

Playstation, of course.

ps3 slim 3

I think that might be it. In case I don’t come back, goodbye everybody.

007 goldeneye


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  1. Thanks for the support, guys. What happened to me was so blatantly wrong and I’m still trying to get a hold of Synthia so that things can get straightened out. No luck so far, though.

  2. Nice piece Willy and it’s unfortunate what came about Casey. Casey wasn’t banned by a moderator so cut that BS out. None of the SW moderators are terrible; they are all well rounded individuals. I can’t speak for OT because I do not interact with them or post there. The only thing that’s terrible is the sheer amount of adults who act like children on the site and then complain when they’re treated as such.

  3. Casey, when you were a moderator, you should have done your best to clean up how trashy Gamespot is behind the scenes. There are good mods and horrible ones. I would list bad ones, but willy deletes posts. Unfair experience? yes. this type of unfair banning happens to users all the time at GS. GS is terribly run community because of the poor mods in place, many in System Wars, some in OT. The way they decide on moderators is appalling. Popularity and kiss asses are mod material. it’s a joke site employing a broken moderator system. that broke system allows bad mods to pull off shit like even you getting unfairly suspended and banned.

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