INTERVIEW: lilnazar

We interview resident System Warrior lilnazar! What does he have to say?


Hi, lilnazar! Tell me, would you consider yourself a Sony fan?

Ever since, since the release of PS1 back then when I got it, I was pretty happy with it. I always preferred Sony’s gaming consoles and handhelds, because they deliver top quality of hardware and software for the gaming market. I wouldn’t go far and say I’m a Sony fanboy and everything else sucks. It’s just that I’ve been supporting them for a long time and what they delivered so far has not disappointed me. Except the Playstation Vita a little bit, and the Playstation 4. Both of these systems do not have some “top-notch games”, yet. I’m satisfied with my Vita purchase. But I am not that much happy about PS4 right now.

So to summarize this: I like the quality of Sony’s consoles and handhelds and I like their games, but I wouldn’t call myself a fanboy. I’m pretty open to everything else, if it gets my attention.


Not excited for PS4? That’s outrageous! Then what will you be playing next-gen?

I wouldn’t say that I am not excited for PS4, it’s just that the games doesn’t look appealing to me (right now), except Killzone: Shadow Fall, which I was pretty surprised by, to see that Guerrilla listened to their fans and added custom games back. I’m sure Sony will release more exclusives to PS4 later after launch, but right now, it’s not worth to get it. Not to mention the costly online service. When they will have more convincing games, then I will get a PS4.

I’ll guess that I’m going to stick with my Vita for now. The “no games” handheld. Until there’s more PS4 titles.

vita deathbed

What do you feel about the upcoming changes to Gamespot?

To be honest. I’m not entirely sure what the changes are going to be. I haven’t been following the news about Gamespot changing. But I’ve heard that things like Fan-made groups are getting removed or something. Which I don’t really mind. I’ve never bothered checking the groups I’ve been invited to.

I don’t mind when a website is getting changed, as long it’s accessible and does not have any complicated new design or new features that take a while to get used to.

How did you first arrive to Gamespot?

It was way back in 2011, when I decided to make an user on GameSpot. I thought GameSpot was a cool dedicated website for gaming news and discussion. And it still is! I like the user friendly navigation system, everything is easy to learn on here.

What would you personally like to see on the new Gamespot site?

I’m not really sure. I’m satisfied with what GS has to offer so far. But I wouldn’t mind having an official chat that has it’s own rooms. For example, one person made a chat room called “3DS fan chat”. He has the full control of that chat room (kick out trolls, promote others to moderators within that dedicated chat room and those kind of stuff) and everyone who has a 3DS will join the room. This is probably too much to ask for, but I think it’s a great way to meet new people who has the same interests as you do.

Have you met any cool people on System Wars?

Yeah, haha. Blabadon seem’s like a cool guy. His trolling skills are too advanced for me to understand. And Badosh is a cool guy too. (Thanks for following me on Raptr, Badosh.) I’m sure there’s more members, but I don’t remember their names.

What would you like to say to the people of System Wars?

Game on, players. It doesn’t matter what system is better than the other. The point of all this is that we’re gamers. Not competitors. (Yes I know it’s System Wars)


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