REPORT: Unions will be gone on the new Gamespot

The birthplace of many Gamespot communities will be seeing it’s end when the new Gamespot website launches in the near future.

Unions have been around since 2005, set up as “community-run, community-governed content-driven Web sites covering a variety of topics, whose goal is to help inform, entertain, and connect the community.”

However, they were never upgraded whenever Gamespot got new redesigns, stuck in their 2005 layout for 8 years. Lark Anderson comments:

Over the years we’ve had many proposed fixes for Unions, including a 100+ page document that was passed around internally, and the unfortunate reality is that we don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to making these sorts of changes happen.

Reforms of unions have been called for since 2006, when Sentinelrv proposed a massive upgrade to the current system.

However, although there were promising news, upgrades to the unions never materialized.

Lark Anderson continues:

Now, obviously mistakes were made on our part, and the current usage stats are a reflection of that, but at the end of the day we need to make sure that we can properly maintain and support all of our features so we don’t end up with things that are busted and unloved. To that end, we have decided to focus on our core features–the ones the vast majority of you guys depend on–and not to bring over Unions to the new GameSpot.

SWM will be remembering the unions until they are shut down forever. Read our interviews with GUFU, the Nintendo Dream union, and PUSH. More will be coming soon.


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  1. So I learned about the fate of the unions while I was gone. (sigh), I guess it was for the best that I left the sinking ship known as March. Man, the NIntendo Dream union. I remember all those chats we had. Good times, good times.

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