Mario Kart 8

With everyone choosing Monday to show off their stuff, Nintendo decided to show up the following morning to reveal what they brought to E3 2013.

Did they bring a strategy to fight back against the PS4 and Xbox One?


But they sure gave Sheep stuff to be extremely happy about. Showing off their latest Mario Kart (named Mario Kart 8, using a pun based on the awesome loop-de-loop tracks), which is absolutely gorgeous, to be delayed to 2014 was a dumb move by Nintendo; but as long as they give it content (unlike the rushed Mario Kart 7), gamers will be more than happy to wait for the premiere racing title.

Nintendo also revealed that Retro’s top secret title is a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns called Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Looks like a port of the Wii engine rather than something truly next-gen (the return to 2D DKC gameplay was also disappointing if you didn’t grew up with those games), but it will most likely be good, and it comes out this year.

However, the biggest disappointment was the new 3D Mario, which was not what people expected. Instead of a mind-blowing next-gen Mario game, we get a multiplayer Wii U sequel to Super Mario 3D Land, which Mario fans were not pleased with as it reverted the Mario formula back to the pre-Mario 64 days. Those looking for the next expansion of the platforming genre will have to wait.

Luckily, Sonic Lost World is coming out.

Smash Bros. Wii U

But the big megaton was Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Featuring Megaman, the Animal Crossing Villager, and the Wii Fit Trainer; 60 fps HD graphics, and new moves; this new game looks to be another classic in the making.

Nintendo also showed X, their amazing-looking big RPG from Monolith Soft and sequel to Xenoblade; Wonderful 101, an amazing Tokusatsu-inspired superhero game, and Bayonetta 2, both which play at a blistering 60 fps.

Quite a great showing, but without any Western third party support; they will not win any prospective Xbox One and PS4 players, especially without a price drop.