INTERVIEW: Archville_78

We interview resident System Warrior Archville, a PUSH superhero that fights crime with his burning heart.

Hey Archvile! Introduce yourself to System Wars.

Hello, I’m Archvile. I’ve had an account on Gamespot since 2007 but only started posting in early 2010. I first posted only in the Xbox 360 section but eventually it got boring so I decided to see for myself the “madness” of System Wars.

Which faction do you belong to? Sheep? Cow? Hermit? Lemming?


I suppose a Cow. While I play games on my PC, sometimes on my 3DS and rarely on my 360, most of my gaming is done on Playstation 3. So yeah, a Cow I guess and probably one of the nicer one out there! *ego +5*

I imagine you’d be very excited for the Playstation 4, correct?

I certainly am and to my own surprise the possibility of streaming gameplay has me quite interested. I always wanted to stream for the public but never really got around to buy the equipment for it and it seems possible with the PS4 now. I’m definitely eager to know more about the console with E3 coming up.

What would it take to change your mind?

The only way I could change my mind is if my friends suddenly moved from PS4 to X1, and with how things seems to be with X1 I can say with certainty that is not gonna happen.

What’s the one game you are most excited to see at E3?

I’d say Dark Souls II but I’m not sure if it will be present. Aside that none really, I’m gonna leave it to the surprise announcements.

In parting, what would you like to say to your System Wars brethren?

Just a shoutout to all my fellow PUSH members, more specifically Sagem, freedomfreak, chaz, timmy, the king Darklink, blabadon and many many more. While SW is stagnating there’s many of you, both in and not in PUSH, that makes the place still worth visiting. Oh, and thanks to you people behind the SW Magazine and you, Willy, for the interview.