REPORT: JodyR leaves Gamespot

Longtime community manager Jody Robinson has announced that she will be leaving Gamespot for a career in game development.

Jody, gone by the username of JodyR, has been on Gamespot for almost 8 years, and has given her talents to many aspects of the website, from assisting in stage shows, to managing user blogs, to hosting her own daily show.

She announced her leave to Gamespot users on her own blog, in which she left this message:

Can you believe it has been almost 8 years since I first started working at GameSpot? How it began, GameSpot contacted me to ask if I knew of any competitive Unreal Tournament gamers for E3 2005. I provided a solid professional gamer and it didn’t take long for them to offer a community manager position for the GameCenter service that allowed you to build your own game servers. I’ve pretty much done everything at GameSpot, from a daily show to stage show assistance but one area I never touched is reviews, and for good reason! It’s a tough job. Outside GameSpot, I’ve dealt with other games media networks, events, and services but now it’s time to see how games are built from a developer’s point of view. The game I’ll be working with has two of my favorite gameplay components: rocket packs and rocket launchers! LOL But yes, the game is a competitive shooter so I fit right in.

I’ll miss all of you but I know we’ll keep in touch. As for whether or not you’re in good hands, GameSpot staff is working diligently around the clock to rebuild the site. I can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon!

She did not mention the game she will be working on, but we all wish her great luck with her new venture.


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