REPORT: The 2012 SWA’s are officially legit

System Wars Awards 2012

It only took them almost half a year, but the Gamespot staff finally re-emerged from their editorial slumber to actually remind us that the System Wars Awards actually occurred. After various users claimed that the SWA’s were rigged (probably by these fellows right here), the board admins locked the thread.

But months after the drama died down, and the thread unstickied and fell into the abyss, Gamespot returned with a statement:

gamespot swa results

Q: So what happened with the System Wars Awards?
In spite of all rumors that suggest that something sinister took place behind the scenes, it was a simple misunderstanding some people raised concerns that the votes might not legitimately reflecting the communitys opinion, and staff decided to look into it.

The one thing that did go wrong here was a lack of communication between them and the SWA organizers; there was no clear indication of who was organizing the event in question when the concerns were raised.

Because it was unclear who the owners of the activity were, the organizers were not contacted regarding the disputes raised about the counts. The System Wars Moderators were contacted and the original thread was locked until further notice. Although the organizers did contact staff members, they did not identify themselves as such.

Q: So were the counts and the votes rigged or not?
The counts and the votes were not rigged; there were no errors in the counting whatsoever, the organizers counts matched the staffs counts perfectly. The only errors were in announcing runners up in some categories (due mostly to the size of those categories), errors which were identified by the organizers later on. However, the thread was locked, those errors could not have been addressed in a timely fashion. We have since worked with them to identify the problematic announcements, and those have been fixed. Therefore, the results now are the final results. There are no major changes, except for in runners up.

Q: So if the votes werent rigged, why did it take so long?
Everybody involved had other obligations. All parties who were involved organized the System Wars Awards voluntarily. They could not be expected to put everything else going on hold to help with the (extremely long) recounting process. Similarly, GameSpot Staff have responsibilities they must tend to as well. Considering the number of people involved across both parties, and the relatively little amount of communication involved, it was bound to take time.

Q: So these System Wars Awards are to be treated as legitimate?
Yes; as mentioned above, the counts were accurate. Basic human errors were made in posting runners up in some categories, but everything else was sound.

As it turns out, the Awards were correct. There was no foul-play, no alterations of counts, and no conspiracy to elect the same people over and over again. The only mistakes were in the runner-ups announcements, which were found and fixed by the organizers.

System Wars posters were mixed on the results. Bpoole96 was somewhat relived:

About time all of this was cleared up.

…but Kuraimen was less enthusiastic:

Who cares anymore?

Michael0134567 also noted the long time it took to investigate the results, in his signature obnoxious red font:

It’s about time, but I don’t really care at this point.

Bobbetybob and RR360DD both agreed that this was blown out of proportion, claiming:

System Wars: Serious Business.

Gamespot’s announcement continued:

Q: How will these human errors be avoided next time?
In hindsight, mistakes were made by all parties involved, and the GameSpot Community Managers are going to ensure that GameSpot staff does not interfere with unofficial events in the future. The organizers plan on changing the entire awards process next time: cut down on the number of categories involved; have more people counting the votes; have additional support to assist with double checking the votes once they have been counted.

Q: If I have a question about the voting process next time around
Please contact the organizers of the unofficial event; feel free to contact the Community Managers and Staff as well, but please indicate to them who the organizers are and keep them (the organizers) in the loop.

Various of the people organizing the Awards agreed that a smaller number of Awards would be beneficial in next year’s elections, as it lowers the chance of mistakes and makes them more valuable, as there are less to be won.

However, not everyone is happy with the idea that the Gamespot staff had to get involved in a System Wars community event.

Heil68, co-host of Pedal to the Metal, proclaimed:

And the fact “we” had to get admin involved is something that will go down in folklore history. Jesus.

The System Wars King paid visit to the event, leaving us this statement:

Like the King said, yo. Like the King said.

See you bitches in December.

Finalstar2007 said:

Its almost May 2013 and you guys still talking about the 2012 awards? lmfao

just start working on the 2013 awards guys

Sounds like a good idea.


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  2. “Although the organizers did contact staff members, they did not identify themselves as such.”
    I suppose the list of SWA organizers in the thread wasn’t enough.

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