Part of the “Holy Trinity” of System Wars unions (HYPE, GUFU, and PUSH), PUSH is the newest of the titans. After the collapse of GUFU, PUSH is now the most active and currently influential union on the board. From the SWA’s, the Lounge, forum politics, someone from PUSH is in the discussion.

Now, SWM sits down with the union on their off-site forum to speak with the true rules of the System Wars board.


Hello everyone! Why are you in this union?


Heya! This sounds like it’ll be fun.

Anyway, as for me…

I’m charizard1605, variously known as DropsofJupiter on System Wars, and, depending on who you ask, a lot of other aliases as well. I’m in PUSH because I founded it: back in 2011, when there was a lot of drama surrounding the SWAs, and a whole lot of users were becoming sick and tired of the HYPE and GUFU bickering, a really, really, REALLY drunk me had the idea to start a new union to get away from the drama and muck of System Wars: a new insular board to just hang out, chill, relax, have discussions. People jumped on board, and before the hour was up, PUSH was founded.

Ultimately of course, it grew so big that it couldn’t avoid drama, and now the very name of the union itself carries connotations of ‘conspiracy theory,’ and ‘circle jerk’ and ‘more e-drama.’ However, the actual union itself still stands as what it started out to be: a nice fun board for people to unwind and relax and hang out with like minded gamers.


Hello! I am AcidThunder. TBH I don’t know why I am here. I found about it in the SW lounge and… dunno, i just came here.

Xaero Gravity:

Bonjour, je m’appelle Xaero Gravity. I’m not exactly sure why I was invited into the Union, but when Charizard sent the invite I figured why not join?

Fun Fact: SolidTy’s sister has more trophies than me. 😦


PUSH doesn’t exist, and don’t you claim otherwise.


Hello I’m mo(or super600) and I love bunnies. I really hate all the drama that involves this union and I wish it would stop.I joined this union for fun and not drama. Also ignore the weird typing mistakes I make sometimes.


I’m freedomfreak(Lto_thaG).

I’m not really into unions. I kinda dig the drama they bring forth though. Someone invited me because it was a place to chill and get away from all the trolling on SW. You know, with the whole ToU change, so I did.

I’m also a spy. Every day I spend hours on working out strategies to get into rivaling unions to find out what they’re talking about. I lurk like a motherfucker. I lurk the shit out of everything.


I came up with the name when I was on GS (hakanakuwhatever then cloudsea). Pretentious Users Subverting Hype.


Well, I co-founded the union, so that’s part of it.

Chaz, me, timmy, archville, mmmwskil, hakanakamuno, slashless, xvision, parkur, and super co-founded the union based on the idea that it would be a cool place to get away from the rampant stupidity of the trolling that dominated the GameSpot forums after the new ToU.

It was just essentially a bunch of bros who wanted a cool place to chill out together without any drama. That hasn’t always worked out like we planned, but it’s still a great place to post, and we have some great users.

Plus, Chaz needs someone here to help him run the damn place.

So, yeah. That’s why I’m here.


Because it houses some of the finest users SW has to offer, and the group hugs are incredible.


I may, or may not, be in PUSH for the boobies.


I’m one of the co-founders. The conversation behind the idea itself went a bit like this…

“We should create our own union away from the SW drama”
“Chaz are you drunk?”
“okay lets do this”
Then Chaz started asking certain members to be officer when the union would be created but darklink already named those persons.

In general i like PUSH, it just need to be more active like it used to be but hey, can’t force people to post there constantly heh and then there’s this off-site too.


I’m one of the co-founders. Charizard told me he was creating the union and he wanted me to be one of the co-founders.


How do you guys feel about those that say PUSH has too much influence over the System Wars board?


Who the fuck said that shit?


Idiots like that Captain Gamespot user.


Just more conspiracy theories, really. When Push comes to shove, we are just a bunch of users who enjoy talking to each other outside of the System Wars board.

It’s true that many of our users are among the more active on SW, but to say we actually influence the board is just silly.


All the conspiracy theories are correct. All of them. PUSH controls the board. Everything that happens on the board, PUSH controls. The Lounge? PUSH. Stickies? PUSH. SWAs? PUSH. The mods? All in PUSH’s pocket.

PUSH is so devious that its influence extends beyond just the board and Gamespot; we have backdoor deals with shady corporations. We control the economy. We control the government. Wars are fought because PUSH wills it.

We are legion. We are PUSH. We control the world. And no one understands.

Well, except for SNIPER. He’s the only one who caught on. This is why we ensured he would never be taken seriously.

Xaero Gravity:

I didn’t get nominated for a single SW Award until I became a member of PUSH. Coincidence? I think not!


They are correct. It’s glorious. Bow down.

Kaz Harai:

PUSH does control the board, what are you guys talking about?


I wouldn’t say “too much” but PUSH definitely had influence and nothing bad at that. This “influence” allowed us to get even more great members. I guess if there’s some that feel we’re a bad influence on SW they just didn’t take the time to know most of us, or those are just blatant trolls and bad ones at that.


I’d tell them to stop taking the boards too seriously. Push was simply made for people to have a place outside of SW to hang out and talk to. Usually the people that says Push have too much influence are drama queen seeking out more drama.


I’m FireSpirit117. I came to this union hoping to get away from the nonsense on SW. Really like it here. Everyone seems cool-headed and easy to be around, and there’s very little drama to deal with.

As for the question, I stopped caring about what SW thought along time ago. But if you want an answer, I’d say “so what?”


So what? in fact, its probably true, but what can anyone do about it?
Join up and destroy the non comformists.


HYPE, GUFU, and many other unions in Gamespot have been slowly losing active posters and members. What is PUSH’s secret to keeping an active userbase?


I don’t know, we don’t really try, people just seem to stick around and return to the PUSH boards, whether on site or off site, themselves. Sometimes a sternly worded telegram threatening them of a purge is what is needed to nudge them, but on the whole, they just seem to post without any interference or intervention required on anyone’s part.

Xaero Gravity:

I think most of us come here instead of the PUSH boards to get away from BrunoBRS and Brown’s flirting. It’s gross, like eating a sticker gross. I would know, I eat stickers all the time dude.

Neon Noir:



You love that shit


I’m here because im banned from gamespot

Xaero Gravity:

^This is SuperNovaftw on Gamespot by the way, or as we know him, free_milk.


Personally, this union feels alot more easy-going and less uptight for the most part.


also, our name has some relation to the release of the 3ds eshop game Pushmo, if you didnt know. we are a sheep friendly union. the game came out dec 2011 when push was formed.

As for activity, recruiting best users from GUFU and HYPE helped. at one point, it seemed we were gufu 2.0. probably still are, but with a side of best of lounge and hype users filling the cracks. there were users in hype that would never join gufu, but didnt see us as a threat. there were some in gufu that would never join hype, but again joined us when they saw we had all their gufu friends.

plus, both those unions gufu and hype didnt invite all users, and push took chances on rogue members of SW. we did not include all though, but we did include more than other two.


Like any unions it vary, sometime its booming with activities, other time not as much. Personally it all depend of the group of persons itself, PUSH is a very interesting union with a good amount of good posters so that alone make it worth sticking around.


good posters


Do you think having an off-site board alienates some of your Gamespot members?

Xaero Gravity:

There are a few, like Bruno and Brown, that refuse to visit for whatever reason. No skin off our backs though.


I think it does. some don’t like it here. so they just post on GS.


Ehhh, some don’t visit the off site. Similarly, there are some who don’t, or can’t, post on the on site board. The two boards, however, don’t cannibalize each other and largely seem to survive and co-exist.

Also, SavageGamer is wrong: Pushmo releasing then was a happy co-incidence that we realized later. The name PUSH was selected because it was a pronounceable acronym, and because the name Pretentious Users Subverting Hype seemed like such a meta and self aware name.


Not really, but it does make me wish everyone would stay in the same spot.


I post here to get away from you, Xaero Gravity, but it never seems to work…

Xaero Gravity:

So I didn’t respond to a single one of the 30 messages you left on my voice mail, get over it. Just let go.


yes some users don’t like the ip tracking the host/admin get when considering an account here. some users dont want to leave gs because other non push friends are there. some users are popular there and dont want to come here and be one of the rest of us. some users have blogs and maintain gs audience. some users may have power at gs and would be powerless here, may not like that. some users thought offsite would hurt gs union. it did, but at least more freedom. some users may not like how mods are chosen here and dont want to come here for fear of what jon did and before that.

it does alientate, but we either get offsite or not. the gs union gets a lot less posts now though. we saw gufu and hype suffer in numbers when they went offsite, and the same for push.

Also, Jupiter; yes but pushmo coming out two or three weeks before push creation did seem to help the unions name a bit even if subverting hype union was another goal. i think the acronym ‘push’ seemed more appealing at the time due to its game related nature at the very least.

pushmo came out weeks prior and you were a big fan of the puzzle game, right? maybe the game had a subconsience name influence for the union name? the union was going to happen, sure, but the name was in the air. at one time the union name ‘swag’ was considered, right? it worked out that we didnt use swag afterall though, since there was a gs union named swag affiliated with hype or gufu, i think hype that did online games with system wars at one time.


Some feared it would kill the union activity on GS, maybe it did a bit. The way i see it if certain members are tired of GS or just need a break from it the off-site is a nice way to keep contact.


Nah, SavageGamer; the Pushmo thing came about much later, when we were making PUSh related puns on the board. Like I said, Pushmo itself had nothing to do with the name PUSH. Neither did ‘subverting the HYPE union’ for that matter; subverting Hype, yes. Subverting HYPE? Not at all. At least back then, there was no animosity between us and them. Subverting Hype simply ‘don’t believe the hype;’ a mantra which HYPE incidentally shared with us.


The way I see it, this forum hasn’t been all that active either. I hardly see anyone post int the game forum anymore.


This place is active all right, but it’s active on the chatbox more than the boards. Which is fine, I guess.


I am here because I have homoerotic feelings towards freedom and sagem but I couldnt bother to frequent SW now seeing how shitty it is with users like snipeshit


Rumors are floating that once Gufu finishes their new site (called “Endless Backlog”), GUFU and PUSH will ‘merge’. What’s the candid feeling about that here in PUSH?

Xaero Gravity:

The following gif pretty much describes my feelings regarding the potential merger.

obiwan dont care


Eh. it won’t matter much either way. This board will continue to exist for all those who want to come here, the Gamespot board (now at over 50,000 posts) will continue to exist, and Endless Backlog will just be a bigger community to hang out in.

Essentially, it won’t matter much.


I’m pretty sure I was one of the people who suggested it and became one of the co-founders then left after making predictions people claimed to be ridiculous but were proven to be right later.


Most of us are from or are in gufu now anyways so it wont change anything. Also, Adoru; like what was proved right? i was left with the impression you drama queened and quit judging from previous old conversations i had. you gave us cool sigs and artwork so thanks for that.

Xaero Gravity:

Ahh, so that’s who that is. Lol.


I don’t think I was being dramatic. I left without saying much about PUSH until recently.

I made a prediction about Nintendo not doing well in the next gen and you guys lol’d away. A lot of the stuff I said were just predictions based on what I’ve seen. I don’t think I was being dramatic as some of the people were making it out to be when I was making the predictions. What made me mad is how people would ridicule me for making those predictions and all there were in the end were just predictions. If I really wanted to be dramatic about it I would’ve said a lot of stuff about PUSH and then left. I left two times, the first I got a little upset over it and the second I didn’t say anything and then just left.

Maybe you guys thought I really hated you guys or something but most of my anger came from the fact that I think people overreacted to my posts. They weren’t meant to be “THIS IS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AND THAT’S FINAL” posts. Oh and another thing that really annoyed me is how stupid some of the people were saying that Dgalmun is my alt. If you actually knew me well you’d know Dgalmun is anything but my alt. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out DG isn’t my alt. I still don’t get wtf is going on with people impersonating Dgalmun as if he was me. I find that a problem.


I concur with Xaero’s gif.


i see., you should have spoke up sooner, we tend to assume a lot about posters. the ridicule you got was uncalled for maybe. lesson learned, dont mock nintendo too far in push! we dont take it lightly. we do have some fanboys, but its for fun…..

looking at the Wii U state, you may not be wrong, but its too early to call it. plus 3ds hitting stride.


If you were given mod powers, who would you ban?


Ly The Fairy & Michael

Lance Bass:

SuperFlakeman and Cheleman. Damn sheep.


some other bad mods, not all, just the bad eggs.




Michael and his new lover shoulderoforion


charizard1605 and all his various alts


All of them, especially WilliamRCrybaby.


Miketheman28, CanyouDigit




Well, that’s enough! This concludes our interview with the great union of PUSH.