REPORT: SW King DarkLink slaps CaptainGamespot into submission over SWA conspiracy


Our mos def and reigning System Wars King DarkLink77 personally addressed concerns on the Pedal to the Metal thread over the supposed rigging of the 2012 System Wars Awards.

CaptainGamespot, a Level 9 poster that has it’s profile set to private for some reason, started spreading claims that the 2012 SWA’s were rigged by PUSH, a union in which a majority of the SWA counters and organizers belong to.

According to CaptainGamespot (his comment is transcribed as is, complete with spelling errors):

swa 2012 got locked & ruined w/ miscount votes. gs admin locked 4 first time ever bcause tamper. it was push sideproject if u see officers.

those 2012 award thrown out, so finalstar not win that 2012, maybe 2011

The 2012 SWA thread was indeed locked by the Gamespot staff over concerns brought by some that the awards were rigged. They claimed they would investigate and count the votes themselves, returning to the thread once the investigation is finished; but they never did. Some believe they simply closed it to stop the noise.

A Gamespot administrator locks the 2012 SWA discussion thread.

A Gamespot administrator locks the 2012 SWA discussion thread.

After Gamespot Ranger Super600 tried to reason with him/her; CaptainGamespot elaborated on his claims (again, no spell checking was involved):

it wasnt 1 mistake, it was multiples. vote count process or tc did bad. it was unclear. not transparent process. pusher like them and u say it was goofy mistakes. others say, it was intentional mistakes. pusher story why they left angry at gs for random locking. not tru, only what they say 4 users like u to repeat.

still, shame followed them. their mistakes deliberate to troll or goofy, caught up to them & ruined only swa 2012 4 first time made by new swa-hybrid push 2012 union. new swa 2012 union created with push members/ officers. new swa 2012 votes mostly made by push and lounge members, not sw. bad turnout. new swa 2012 goofy or intentional mistakes made by new swa 2012 team. gs lock bad swa 2012 thread for first time ever in swa history.

exodus from gs out of shame, but they say anger. either way exodus and lock thread plain to see.

At this point, DarkLink arrived to dispute the badly-spelled and grammatically nonsensical claims:

It was a grand total of two mistakes, which were corrected once people pointed them out. It was hardly some PUSH conspiracy to rig the votes. We posted our counts (which were acxcurate, the guys sho posted everything just missed a couple names), and you can go find them if you want.

And it was also not the first time the SWAs have been locked. See: The SWAs 2011. New team? Hardly. A good portion of us were old SWA members. Ruined? Nah. Locked because people wanted to go behind our backs and cry to the admins instead of PMing any of us about any errors? Yep. A complete failure on the admin’s part to ever actually look into anything or get back to us? Yep.

But hey, we’ll still be running this year’s awards, so I guess we’ll see you then.

CaptainGamespot was not convinced, however, and dared to refute the King’s own words; claiming that the ‘PUSH elite’ made the whole awards a staged scam.

it wasnt conspiracy, just turned out majority participate voting in swa2012 be mostly push/lounge, not rest of sw. bad sw overall turnout overall. sw not ask for it, pushers loungers asked for swa. […] finally, new team was some swa members yes, good portion new also from push. new swa 2012 members recruitd were new pushers to fill in blanks. even casey in new swa-push hybrid union. even u must admit new swa 2012 union not very even roster. swa 2012 new union officers made of push elite.

DarkLink and CaptainGamespot provide unnecessary and unwanted drama to TheEroica's and Heil68's podcast thread.

DarkLink and CaptainGamespot provide unnecessary and unwanted drama to TheEroica’s and Heil68’s podcast thread.

The SW King, not finished with the carcass, continues to provide his beatdown:

SW did ask for it, actually. There’s nothing going on at all. There is no conspiracy over internet awards. No one freakin’ cares. […] You kids and your crazy conspiracy theories. I swear. If we wanted to manipulate the awards in some way, we could have done it. We didn’t. We posted the results incorrectly. When you deal with 50+ categories and hundreds of names, that happens.

CaptainGamespot, still writing in his bad English, won’t give up in his futile attempt with a King:

of course the users go behind backs.

u pusher guys troll anyone who speak minds against u. look at this thread and users. u gusy would have laugh at users who claimed mistakes. u guys say not srs business if mistakes found, kept mistakes & lol. it is srs bus to u guys, thats why u keep going w/work.

admin prob only option when dealing w/ masses of e-bullying. u guys laugh at everyone who feels diff. no one approachable in your new swa2012 union that u the leader of, that u get best prizes of.

sure u want run this year award, it means u guys keep giving each other awards again & again. go one forever now.enjoy being recipient of any award u want and also being judge, counter, and leader of union behind awards.

just know, we all can see & thats why low turnout on voting. it seems pointless now unless u join up.

At this point, CaptainGamespot started telling people what other people do and don’t do, with no backing up whatsoever. It is revealed that he is in fact “jelly” over DarkLink and other users winning multiple times on the same categories.

Claiming the counting process was not transparent, he continued to say that System Wars did not ask for the SWA’s to take place (the SWA’s were in fact brought back due to popular demand), but rather only the “PUSH Lounge” (in reality the SW Lounge, where anyone from the Gamespot forums can post).

DarkLink was not going to have any of it.

Because people posted around asking for it? The win list was evident of what? Please, enlighten all of us. Chaz winning best sheep for like the 5 time in a row? Yep, that was unexpected. Chamo winning best blog every year he’s been up for nomination? Yep, unexpected. me winning King again after sweeping last year? Hey, I didn’t think I was gonna win, but it happened. Most of the wins were repeats, and once again, feel free to go back and count ’em yourself. You have no evidence of foul play.

Um… it’s counting. You count. Results get posted. The end. There was no foul play, just once, maybe three mistakes, most of which only affected the runners up, and once again, mistakes we found and corrected in the Lounge, which was designated for Awards discussion. Can’t fix them if the thread is locked, can we?

I had next to nothing to do with the counting and the final posting. I made the voting thread, and organized the union, went through the mods, etc. I went to the movies, and when I got back, the results thread was posted. Miscounting happens. Like I said, count ’em yourself.

Jesus. You try to do something nice for people. I swear.

He also elaborated on how miscounts were fixed:

That’s what PMs are for. If someone PMs me, and says, “Yo, DL, I think you miscounted,” I can fix it myself. No ridicule, no public nonsense, no nothing. Literally no one would know but me.

No one did that.

The reason the new union exists is because Ninja-Hippo was the leader of the old one, and he left. We had to make a new one to get anything done. So we did.

Again, someone could have PMed ME. You know, the guy who’s been doing this for two years. But nope, instead we had a public overreaction and nothing got fixed. So yeah, maybe someone should have “taken a chance” that I’m not insane and out to win more internet awards I’ve already won. Jesus Christ.

Tired of getting beatdown, CaptainGamespot attempts to end the conversation by claiming victory:

heard it here 1st, hopefuly users read this & try it out next time.

maybe no blowback next time.

it good to know, sorry i speak up but its nice to clear air for other readers.

i hear things.

good u will take steps for improve, good trait.

FreedomFreak had this to say about the incident:

You seem to assume a lot, captain, so I’ll just say this.

The person that ran off to the mods crying should’ve come to us in the first place. Specifically, me and Chaz, seeing as we were the ones that did the counting. The fact that he thinks he was gonna get ridiculed for it, is moronic.

We could’ve worked it out and the awards thread would be opened again, but no, the individual refused to do the right thing and just got it locked. It’s ridiculous. This happening shows that there are some that care a little too much about something that should be about the community doing something fun.

Yet an admin had to step in because that person didn’t have the nerve to PM us about it. Now, before you respond I must ask you to keep your PUSH conspiracies at bay, although I suppose that’s as unlikely as you posting on your main.

Speculation that CaptainGamespot is an alt account for another user has been going on very far back on the boards; mostly due to his relatively low level and high activity and knowledge over high-level topics such as union organizations and events.

Gamespot and PUSH poster NeonNoir speculates that he might be SolidTy’s alt account, but his source is sketchy at best. Charizard1605 has also been speculated to be a possible suspect.

However, AcidThunder doubts that CaptainGamespot might be an alt, noting his grammar as a sign that he is legit:

I don’t think that is true (on speculation that CaptainGamespot would be an alt). It would take quite an effort to write in bad English consistently and in the same patterns.

As for the SWA incident, poster seanmcloughlin had the best summary:

SWA 2012 = some dudes(s) getting p!ssy cos they didn’t get voted or nominated for anything, then they saw 2 little mistakes and called the whole bloody thing rigged and got admin/staff involved.

SW King DarkLink is expected to appear at a future episode of the Pedal to the Metal podcast.


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