REPORT: Former SW King and Mod CaseyWegner Suspended Indefinitely

SW Magazine has learned two months late that infamous former System Wars mod CaseyWegner has been “indefinitely suspended”, as his current suspension rages on without no end in sight.

Casey complaints on the PUSH 2.0 forum about his suspension.

Casey complaints on the PUSH 2.0 forum about his suspension.

Psymon from the Gamespot union PUSH offers some possible reasoning for his suspension:

At some point he did something which caused him to lose his privileges. So, what are the options for those who decide who gets such privileges?

1. Write this person off entirely, as they’ve had the privileges before and abused them to a level which required removal of said privileges.

Or two, reinstate these privileges. This has problems too. Wait? Why are you giving them back once you took them away? How do you know that they’re going to behave again? How do you know they won’t abuse their mod status again?

And I could even cite a third reason – he’s just deeply, deeply unpopular. Moderators should not be chosen based on popularity. But let’s face it, we’re talking about a guy who became a mod, and then did something to get their privileges revoked, gagging for mod privileges, and not to mention deeply unpopular. There have got to be better candidates for mod status!

CaseyWegner, a veteran mod from the early years of System Wars, has been a public figure on the forum, usually getting the (usually unfounded) blame for any one person’s suspension or ban.

He was elected as King of SW in 2011 after the previous King, Champ, was banned for using profane language against the main character of Bayonnetta. The current reigning King, Darklink, could not be reached for comment.

After he lost his mod status, he and the Gamespot staff have frequently been at odds.

In Casey’s own words, his various suspensions have been directly related to this:

The first one was related to my “How to fix the System Wars forum” thread I made in the Site Enhancements and Feedback forum. There was a lot of support for it so it drew the attention of the higher ups and Synthia who posted her famous list of negative remarks about me while leaving the thread open for replies. Staff waited 11 hours on a Friday afternoon/evening/middle of the night for a response, got none from me since I didn’t even see it in time, and locked it.

Staff warned me for harassment (something I hadn’t done since October of last year) so I asked Synthia for her permission to message my response to her and Jody’s posts to which she said “Of course.” They were too long to send via PM so I e-mailed her instead…one for each post but spaced apart by several days. About a week passed with no reply to either so I sent a message for each to make sure the e-mails got through. Suspended for 45 days.

His clashes with the staff did not end there:

The second 45 day suspension was for nothing more than asking, in the Moderation Clarification forum no less, why I was suspended for the first moderation. “It was never explained and customer service inquiries have been ignored. the only thing i can think of was responding to Synthia’s SE&F reply which she gave me permission to do. who was being harassed?” Don’t believe me? Mods, check my mod history and you’ll see.

Not long after that suspension let up, I was again hit with a 7 day suspension with the reason being: “still pretending to be a moderator”. Mods, again, check this out. I made a post in the Modnation forum which, for those of you who might not be familiar with it, is a forum where both mods and non-mods hang out. I made a thread asking this exact quote: “What’s the reason for a terms of use when you can be modded even when you follow it? It seems kind of redundant. I’d like to hear your take on this.” The suspension only lasted a few days and was ended early but not reversed yet as of this writing.

After losing his mod status, he actively campaigned to regain his former title, aggressively PM’ing other users to vote for him in SW elections and to convince the staff to reinstate him.

Psymon reports:

Private messages are private, but I’m going to disclose the contents of one. Casey PM’d me requesting I vote for him as the ‘would make the best mod’ in the SW awards. So, he was willing to do a fair amount of begging for a shot at reinstatement of these privileges.

Xaero Gravity also claims to have received messages from him:

Casey has sent me several messages on here requesting that I PM several mods on GS and ask them to contact him via his personal email.

JodyR wrote:

I’m not sure why we have to continue to repeat ourselves since November. You were told by 3 staff multiple times that you are no longer moderator material. You have continued to harass these staff members and moderators about returning, and this is unacceptable behavior.

Casey, however, still claimed he had amicable relations with the staff:

I’m not sure how my relationship with the mods is doing since I never had a problem with or disliked any of them. Some still talk to me and seem fine. Others, I’m assuming, do not and I don’t know what they think. I’m not sure where the whole “Casey harassed the mods” thing came from. Some agreed to sign a petition some did not. I didn’t pester anybody about it and I respected their desired neutrality. I’ve never said anything negative about any of them and I don’t plan to start now. It’s just a little disappointing to see them make judgments after only hearing a very small part of the story and zero from my side. But like I said, this isn’t an insult. Maybe just mild criticism. Nothing wrong with that. I think Jody understanding will go a long way.

Yes. It is their call to make. We just have to hope they make those calls for the right reason.

Their call was obviously to end him.

Poor CaseyWegner.


30 responses to “REPORT: Former SW King and Mod CaseyWegner Suspended Indefinitely

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  2. So many people seem to have psychic powers and yet their wasting their time posting on a video game forum.

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  4. And I’ve won Mod of the Month multiple times…including one month before I was removed.

  5. casey, if you really didnt know that a group of mods despised you, i dont know if I should be the one to tell you. willy is a ranger/admin tattletale, and he could take information to admin who could tell those mods. I dont want to suffer like u did, so I best lay low and not snitch out, but you have some mods working completely against you. No, I am not talking about cranky old war vets like Dracula either.

  6. Over at push, casey is making a big thread about the inaccuracies.

    Casey “Can somebody explain what exactly happened here? There’s a lot of misinformation here.”

    Some naccuracies :
    Casey was never a system wars king, He was never removed because of an abuse of power, and casey did win best user in swa.
    stop trolling for hits.

  7. PMing a few people asking them how they’re going to vote wouldn’t have even made a difference if you look at the margin. As for the admins, what was I supposed to do? I complained that the rules were too strict. Was I supposed to fire them or something? Which mods “hate” me?

  8. While I don’t know the specifics around his removal as Mod it was certainly a sad day he was unpopular because he enforced metagame rules that goal post movers would see changed.

    Quite a few people agree when casey was dismissed and the new tos came into effect SW died. constant gif posting in good threads, rampant alts, and spam bots in 10 years of SW I have seen more spam in 2 months than that entire time.

    • I think I became popular again when people saw that things got worse after I was gone. They knew it wasn’t me.

    • I’ve been around a longtime. Yes casey you may have won, but you PMed for votes after buttering up to cliques afterwards. also, the last swa dont even matter or count, locked up and ruined by fanboys but thats a diff topic. There is a wide variety of of your fanbase i have noticed, but their is a majority that you dont want to say. clearly the majority of your fans are of one faction. You don’t want to say it aloud. anyone that has around 4 years knows the score.

      also, gs admin and structure is bad. too bad when you were in power, you didnt do your part to fix it. hundreds of users were unfairly suspended and moderated. gs admin shows apathy and disrespects users daily with the help of poor mods that arent even posters anymore. what happened to you is not fair but it seems karmic. the biggest mod fanboy still is around to this day though and if you did not know, those mods have hated you long before they were moderators. they kept it to themselves. maybe you did know, but you dont want the rest to know, not sure.

  9. there are still some bad moderators around yes, and from what I recall you started getting awards when you were demoted and started appealing to the masses. have you noticed the vast majorty of your biggest fans are a certain fanboy faction?

  10. willy, that is not how one becomes king is sw.
    you dont have authority to create a poll and elect who is king, who is prince, who is queen based on your poll.
    people make polls all day, but that is not how a one finds themselves a king of system wars.

  11. How would you know how many moderations I handed out? The system is anonymous. Here’s a direct quote from Jody herself.

    “Most people believe you are the only person moderating them. They think ALL of their moderation history is CaseyWegner taking action and that you have something against them. Every single time I look at a user who complains about you it is always a variety of moderators taking action and maybe a couple of moderations are taken action by you. You’re just popular.”

    I was rarely anywhere near the top of the weekly mod count and any mod you ask who was around when I was can tell you that. I won’t name the name but the person who was consistently at or near the top of that is still happily posting and modding away in the System Wars forum.

    While technically never voted System Wars King through the System Wars Awards, I did win “best overall user” twice which was a category that predated the System Wars King one. Surely something a tyrant would win?

    • i know for a fact you banned a couple of my accounts and everytime i would post and you were on i would get modded, its why i would avoid system wars when i saw you online. i know i was a troll but it was all just for the laughs.

  12. The other users is correct, casey was never a system wars “KING”. Basically willy was trolling the current regime and willy decided to declare that for casey, although he never earned it.

    I also dislike the use of comments from users that did not sign up. Very unprofessional.

    As side note : Willy you erase comments from articles, if not you, someone else does as it’s been seen a few times in these “articles”.

    swm stay classy.

    • I erase spam posts and hate speech against other users, but I don’t think we should force people to sign up to comment; everyone should be able to comment if they want, no reason to block users behind an account wall.

      Also, CaseyWegner was indeed elected. 300 people voted on the thread, 111 votes for and 80 against. Didn’t matter much anyway, DarkLink was elected just two months later.

  13. Casey never did fess up to the mass amount of moderations he was behind. you ask him and he denied. He suggested he was a saintly moderator. At one time, casey was one of the most tyranical moderators of SW.

    Another fun fact, casey was never eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvver a system wars king, you guys made that up. lame. i remember that issue when willy basically decided casey was king because willy said so, and that was fake. swm failure for that. now here we all are, and most noobs to sw will defend poor casey. he doesn’t deserve it.

    • no, it was more than a handful of trolls. the more reputable users just didn’t feel like engaging you anymore, many of them are moderators as well. 😉

  14. a funny way to treat a user who volunteered for the gamespot community for 8 full years.

  15. I have something to say:
    Firstly, we are supporters of Casey. Xaero and I for example, changed our sigs for a while to raise awareness of his neverending suspension.
    Secondly, facts are facts. I’m sorry Casey, you are unpopular in SW – I don’t know why, I quite like you. I’ve not been around SW for 10 years though so I’m unsure whose toes have been trodden on.
    Thirdly. This entire article is assembled from a casual chat that we were having, and permission was never requested regarding publishing it as a story. I’m not butthurt by this, but mostly confused as to why this courtesy was not extended.

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