REPORT: Is Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’s Metacritic score inflated?

Nintendo’s 10 year-in-the-making sequel to the Gamecube launch title, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has been released to generous reviews. Maybe too generous, according to Gamespot editor Carolyn Petit.

In response to a reader’s accusation of their 6.5 review score being unfair, Carolyn responded thus so:

Her reasons for reviewing the game with the slightly unapproving score (to those who still use the American public school grading system) include that of the game’s “absence of checkpoints can lead to repeating lengthy stretches” and the “one key combat sequence [being] a frustrating challenge, [instead of] a rewarding one.”; which are complaints that weren’t given a lot of weight in other reviews.

Could other reviewers be inflating the Metacritic score by putting little importance to these peculiarities, or is Gamespot trying to be the one standing out?

luigi mansion 2

Carolyn also gave the Wii U version of Trine 2 a 6.5; a very different score to that of the 8.5 her own website awarded to the other console releases of the same game. She obviously didn’t see eye to eye with her co-worker.


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