SHEEP: Why Nintendo doesn’t need EA

“Most Evil Company in America” Electronic Arts has recently come out and said in their January 30th investors call that the Wii U is not a next-generation system.

“You know in many ways, we would argue that the gen— what we’re describing as “Gen 4”, is yet to come — and it’s that we’re excited about, and that’s what we’re investing in….”

Now, this has set off a storm in the online community about how the “Wii U is doomed”, and how “Nintendo is doomed”, and how “Wii U is doomed” (some are even saying “Nintendo is doomed”); but frankly, that’s a load of Riccitiello.

First of all, anyone with any knowledge of the game industry knows that Nintendo is doing very well and heading into a great future. Now, some of the “smart” people out there that actually read that link will say “that’s not true”, but they simply aren’t looking at it right.

Sure, Nintendo has cut their Wii U sales forecasts from 25 million units to 16 million, but that is called “lowering the bar”. Now that people no longer expect it to sell 25 million, Nintendo can be all happy and brag that it sold 16 million Wii U’s! The future looks bright!

Of course, pessimists like always-wrong industry analysts like Michael Pachter will claim that “Nintendo is doomed” and that “he was right”, with the only reason being that “he was.”

Also, what is a “Gen 4”? According to the unquestionable and fully canon Wikipedia, there are eight console generations. The fourth generation would have been the SNES and Genesis era.

As it turns out, the D.I.C.E. Summit (or, the Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain Summit) measures generations starting from the first time 3D came into being in home consoles. Leave it to EA to be stuck up enough to side with a Summit whose initials stand for absolutely nothing EA is known for.

Also, this contradicts actual facts from Nintendo themselves! CEO John Riccitiello joined Nintendo King Satoru Iwata and talking head Reggie Fils-Aime on-stage during E3 2011 touting that EA and Nintendo were forming an “unprecedented partnership”.

Source: MCV

Source: MCV


Now, why would EA say that and then not deliver? What kind of backhanded, disgusting, dishonorable company would even do that, promise something to another company and then not deliver on that….oh.

Well, that’s fine. Nintendo doesn’t need EA at all. After all, what has EA done for Nintendo in the past? Watered down games that no one wants, and then blaming the terrible sales on Nintendo?

I say Nintendo should just ignore EA. They won’t be the first game company to go without EA mooching off their game systems; just look at the Sega Dreamcast. EA didn’t want to support the system, so Sega ignored them and went on…..well…..they went.

It’s high time someone learned to kick EA’s butt, or else they will continue to kick ours!

About the author: The Sheep is a die-hard Nintendo fanboy. Having grown up with Nintendo games, he can’t imagine how anyone can not like Mario and the classic Nintendo franchises. He owns a full collection of Nintendo plushies which he poses accordingly.


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