SWA WINNER INTERVIEW: Sony Fanboy Finalstar2007

Willy: You won both the “Barrel Scraper”, “Biggest Sony Affictionado” and were a runner up for the “Biggest Change in Personality” Award. Have you no shame?

Finalstar2007:I got to say winning PlayStation/Sony fan again was truly shocking as I don’t believe i was that very active in 2012 as i was extremely busy with work and university in that year, but since I got the award and people took the time to vote for me i must say that I am honored to win the award once again, and hey I’m only doing what I like to do and that is continue to play on the system and company that I grew up with, I love how they try to bring great and fun games to the fans all the world and for that is why I will keep supporting them.

I’m not quite sure but I think I was nominated for Barrel Scraper in 2011 too which is truly sad as I try my best to inform people on SW about games on the platform I enjoy using, I provide as much info as possible and answer any questions. I usually hype the games I truly love playing but hey if the games I like are not liked by SW users then I guess their bad huh?

Biggest Change in Personality is quite interesting for me and would love to know if that change is positive or negative lol.. anyways I really enjoy being on SW despite it being annoying sometimes but hey this is the best place on the internet for gaming news and meeting gamers and I like it!

Do you remember the hardest time it was for you to convince someone of the error of their non-Playstation ways?

Nah I don’t have time to convince people..lol

Then how did you win this award?

On SW I tend to always make posts and create threads about the games I’m personally interested in and the things/games I’m interested in are always Sony or PlayStation related since PlayStation is my preferred brand, I try to inform people about the games coming out on the system/systems and answer as many questions as possible in my threads but I never really bother too much to actually sit down and spend hours trying to convince someone to buy a PlayStation 3 for example or a PlayStation Vita because I really don’t have time for that, sometimes from time to time I do make blogs about how the systems are worth a purchase tho.

But since I’m sitting and thinking about it I would say maybe the hardest time was during 2011 i think or probably mid 2012 when people started thinking Sony and PlayStation were all doomed and all and i tried to let people know that its a big company and big companies like Sony don’t go down that easily and so on… that’s all I can think of lol but to actually spend hours trying to convince someone on the forums to get a PS3 for example.. yeah I don’t have time for that lol.. I’m known on SW for making threads that are mainly related to PlayStation systems, PlayStation games, etc. You could say I always try to convince people through the threads I create, I try to create awareness to the games I like as well as to the systems themselves (PlayStation) and show you many unique games they get.

So you truly are a Playstation fanboy, a true Cow. You just do it in your subconscious, every thing you say is pure Sony speak! Any words of wisdom for the other Cows out there in System Wars that hope to defend the Playstation brand in the future?

lol I wouldn’t call myself a fanboy..just a fan really I mean I grew up with Playstation so it would make sense that I would see Playstation first but I do not dislike the other systems at all, some have good games but everything that interests me is always on Playstation.

Hmmmm, I would personally say to them to play and buy what interests them! Because in the end gaming is just a hobby and an amazing one to note so play whatever that interests you and show the gaming companies (not just Sony) your support for their games!

The Last of Us vs. The Last Guardian; which one are you more excited for?

Definitely The Last of Us more.