System Wars Awards 2012

ArisShadows won the “Genuine Manticore” Award in the 2012 System Wars Awards. We speak with him now:

Willy: What’s it like not being a fanboy?

ArisShadows: Great, for the most part, I get to play everything and never have to miss a single thing. I have options, which is for the most part a wonderful thing, except for my ever shrinking wallet that seems to gobbles it up. But that is just the price for not missing out. You know the saying; ‘Fanboys miss out’. I think I get to have all the good that come from each side, without taking the negatives that comes from being apart of one side and defending it solely to death. I get all the good, and can accept the bad, because really I can compensate it with another piece of my overall gaming. I get to jump into any discussion and have fun with any of the faction’s fanboys, while not being too tied to any of the sides. I keep it factual of course. Friends or enemies, it all depends on the facts that are being presented or for the most part not being presented. But its all in a good nature and for fun. I get to always have a point of view as well, since I basically am dealing with it all, which is a nice feeling.

Thou I think there comes some negativity being a so called Manticore (aka nonfanboy). Multiplats are a bit less desirable for me, so I always looking for value in having exclusives and such. I believe I get enough from each platform to justify them all. That and we do not exist. But whatever, I am just a gamer, who likes to own and play it all, and I don’t have to worry about being shot at with the fanboy card. I deal out facts and deal out of tons of damage while doing it. I am Manticore, hear me roar. *Squeak*

Short answer; I get it all and it feels so good.

But….it costs a lot of money to buy more than one game system! Are you made out of money?

I wish I was.. Give your money, cash money dollar sign cash money.. No, no but really to tell you the truth, I don’t know how I do it each and every generation. I am no billionaire, I don’t have a DS that prints out money or any of that. When I want something, I am determined to get it, I do get it, that’s the way I am, always been. Gaming is a serious past time for me. Like I said before, my wallet is always hurting, especially on those d*mn steam sales. What doesn’t goes to my needs or bills (aka helping my mother out, because I am an angel), the rest goes into my wants, and that’s primary gaming. Gaming is just important to me, so I try not to miss out.

I guess the way how I do it is simply buying smart. I do get alot of my games day 1 (usually the heavy titles), but a good amount I do wait for sales, discounts or simply finding the best deals. Internet shopping is a godsend to us gamers.. Tho I never ever buy used, as much as I like to save money, I always want the developers to get their share. We both earn what work we do. Do I think everyone to take this sort of life style, nah.. I understand why there are one system owners and money is tight, but wholeheartedly I just don’t want to miss out. Crazy am I? Probably. But those are the hard choices us Manticorez have to deal with. As long as you are enjoying gaming to some degree, more power to you.

Now there is an award prize of cash money, right?

There is the joy in knowing that people in an internet board remembered your username long enough to recall and vote for it being the least biased person in the forum. So no, no cash.

Thanks to them, for remembering and voting for lil’ ol’ me.. I appreciate it and thank you for this fine little interview..

*heart* Manticore King Aris Shadows..