SWA WINNER INTERVIEW: “Biggest PC Aficionado” Rocker6

The System Wars community has deemed you to be the “Biggest PC aficionado” in the board, in a tie with Jankarcop. Do you feel insulted by having to share the spotlight?

This is my first year on SW, yet out of nowhere, I got me a platform aficionado award, and some crazy offer to be interviewed by the SW Magazine. I may be feeling a lot of things right now, but “insulted” is definitely not one of them. I could share this spotlight with a bunch of other users, and I still wouldn’t mind!

So you are saying you are a polite, well-mannered person? Blasphemy! This isn’t Primary Games Discussion, this is System Wars! The tongue of the land is rage! Show us your rage!

*imaginary caps lock*

You’ve all been fooled!

To reach this prestigious award, I had to work my best to cheat and fool you all, make you vote for me. Ha, you all think I’m your friend, while in reality, I’m your worst enemy. Now that I’m in control, the SW will suffer, the rivers of ownage will roll, and I’ll be starting with this unnameable troll who thinks he can share my throne… MY THRONE!

No one can stop me, throw all the mods at me, and… and… I’m bad at this. I could use a glass of chocolate milk instead!

That’s ok. Not all of us can be spirited System Warriors all of the time. But people obviously noted you, because you were given this award! It shows that being nice is just as good as being mean, don’t you think?

I’d most definitely like to believe I was noted due to being good and contributing something to our favorite battlefield, but my “greatness” is in the eye of the beholder, it must be said!

Does being good actually has anything to do with this sweet victory in our controversial e-drama fueled contest will remain an eternal mystery, but I guess I can always take a moment to thank all the guys who voted me for whatever reason. Even if you hate me and gave me a vote just to see me crack under the pressure, I still love you!

I’ll do my best to stay “good”, and see where it gets me… but if it turns out too boring in the end, then I may end up working my way up to some notoriety!