We sit down with Charizard1605, one of the biggest winners (and also the vote counter) of the 2012 System Wars Awards.

Willy: You won 4 awards this year, among them “Best Thread Creator”, “Best Writer”, and “Classiest User”. You were also one of the people in charge of counting the votes. Now tell me, did you rig the awards?

Charizard: Definitely. It was all very carefully done, with just the right balance so as to make it seem legitimate, while also courting controversy and drama, thereby living up to the annual traditions of the System Wars Awards (and also getting the forum more traffic, for which Gamespot and CBS very obviously pay me).

In all seriousness, no I did not, and neither was I responsible for doing the counting all by myself. The votes were all carefully (and painstakingly) counted, and the utmost efforts were made to ensure no mistakes were made. Should anyone doubt the validity or the legitimacy of the Awards, they are, of course, always free to do the counting themselves.

What is the story behind the System Wars Awards, and how did you get involved?

Well, as you know, it’s a System Wars tradition, and in spite of the requisite controversy and drama involved every year, we do all look forward to it. When the original ‘committee’ to set the Awards up and get them going for this year was established, I was notified by a few rangers that the process was underway, but I was not invited to be a part of it, and so, apart from just checking in on the board to see how it was all coming along, I didn’t have a whole lot to do with them.

Of course, the original Awards hit a wall. December came and went, and we still did not have the 2012 SWA. So, based on feedback he was getting in the Lounge, DarkLink decided to take matters into his own hands, along with some other users, me included. People from the original committee were included in the new one, and we started to work fast to get the Awards up and going ASAP once 2013 began. I volunteered to count the Awards once they were up (since I hadn’t done a whole lot of actual work in setting them up, and felt guilty about it), and that was that.

The people of System Wars obviously love you. What is your secret, you classy writing thread creator?

Well, I guess the fact that I’m so temperamental, and the fact that my allegiances are hard to placeat this point (beyond a highly obvious Nintendo bias), should be one of them :3 I’m just enough of a cow/herm/lem/sheep to get along well with members of each faction.

Beyond that, arguments or disagreements that I have in System Wars are not grudges I go on holding in real life. For instance, I’ve had some nasty run ins with people like ShadowMoses, Bruno, finalstar, Heil, TheEroica, and even arach. But that’s all they are, System Wars arguments, and I continue being on good terms with them (or anyone, really) elsewhere, in PUSH, in the Lounge, on Steam Chat.

Is Nintendo still doomed?


Thank you for your time Charizard, and good luck on next year’s awards!

Alrighty! Good luck with the Magazine, always a fun read!


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  1. This charitard kid has problems (women problem, emotional problems, etc), and while the counts were accurate, he screwed up the thread probably deliberately to shoe in his budz and should never have been involved in the swa. worst site ever. the swa turned into a who’s who of the lounge and push…pretty pathetic showing.

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