SWA 2012: System Wars Awards 2012 Winners

The winners for the 2012 System Wars Awards have been announced:

Special Achievements

The “My Name + Some Numbers = Awesome” Award for Best Username: SaltyMeatBalls (Runner Up: ispeakfact)


The “I Don’t Even Know Your Username Anymore, to Be Honest” Award for Best Avatar: Heil68 (Runner Up: Freedomfreak)


The “I Don’t Want to Be Aroused on a Gaming Forum, Dammit!” Award for Best Sig: freedomfreak (Runner Up: AdobeArtist)


The “Bad Poetry + Pretty Pictures = Win” Award for Best Designer/Artist: AdobeArtist (Runner Up: ispeakfact)


The “Well, I Read It for the Articles” Award for Best Blog: jg4xgchamp (Runner Up: ShadowMoses and NeonNinja)


The “Damn, Premature Detonation” Award for Best Hype Thread: Halo 4 Hype Thread by Stevo_the_gamer (Runner Up: Fable: The Journey)


The “We Will Never Forget” Award for Most Legendary Thread: Fable: The Journey Hype Thread by DarkLink77 (Runner Up: Wonderbook Hype Thread)


The “You Know What I Call a Thread With 1000 Posts? Tuesday.” Award for Best Thread Creator: charizard1605 (Runner up: DarkLink77)


The “But Does It Have Da Foliage?” Award for Best System Wars Meme: Sony Domination Continuation by ispeakfact (Runner Up: SO SNIPER)


The “All of My Enemies Have Conspired Against Me” Award for Best System Wars Bet: Slow_Show (Runner Up: DarkLink77)


The “Gambling’s a Funny Business, Kids. Sometimes You Lose” Award for Best System Wars Better: Slashless (Runner Up: Cherokee_Jack)


The “My Hobby? Resurrection” Award for Best User Who Came Back from the Dead: jg4xgchamp (Runner Up: Xaero_Gravity)


The “Banned? Nah, He’s Totally Still Here” Award for Best User Who Was Banned This Year: ispeakfact (Runner Up: Waltefmoney)


THE System Wars AWARDS:

The “Lord Spamalot” Award for User Who (Almost) Posts Too Much: Freedomfreak (Runner Up: mitu123)


The “And Like That… He’s Gone” Award for User Who Should Post More: LegendofNerd (Runner Up: Slow_Show)


The “How’s That Novel Coming, Bro?” Award for Best Writer: charizard1605 (Runner Up: jethrovegas)


The “/Thread” Award for Best Debater: jg4xgchamp (Runner Up: lundy86_4)


The “Connoisseur” Award for Finest Taste: jg4xgchamp (Runner Up: PanicAttack)


The “Tom McShea” Award for Finest Community Reviewer: The_Game21x (Runner Up: Jethrovegas)


The “Klass Act” Award for Classiest User: charizard1605, Slashkice, and Zassimick (Runner Up: Ly_the_fairy)

charizard SlashkiceZassimick

The “Grand Master Lulz” Award for Funniest User: freedomfreak (Runner Up: Kuraimen, Cheleman, and clyde46)


The “Climbing in Your Window, Snatching Your People Up” Award for Most Outgoing/Crazy User: freedomfreak (Runner Up: MasterShake)


The “I Hope He’s the One that Bans Me” Award for Best Mod: verbtex (Runner Up: AdobeArtist)


The “No One Man Should Have All That Power” Award for User Who Should Be a Mod: CaseyWegner (Runner Up: super600)


The “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica” Award for Most Factual User: lundy86_4 (Runner Up: mems_1224 and Wasdie)


The “Did He Seriously Just Start Talking About Ludonarrative Dissonance?” Award for Most Intelligent User: FrozenLiquid (Runner Up: ronvalencia)


The “Like A Fine Wine” Award for Best Member of the System Wars Old Guard: Caseywegner (Runner Up: SolidTy and jg4xgchamp)


The “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” Award for Best New User: TheDidact (Runner Up: Cheleman)


The “You Know His Name” Award for Most Respected User: DarkLink77 (Runner Up: SolidTy and jg4xgchamp)


System Wars King/Queen: DarkLink77 (Runner Up: freedomfreak and lundy86_4)



The “YOUR WINNER!” Dubious Honors

The “Michael Patcher” Award for Worst Predictions: LoosingENDS (Runner Up: MasterShake)


The “Your Posts Didn’t Make Me Want to Throw Up This Year. Congrats.” Award for Most Improved User: GamerwillzPS (Runner Up: mems_1224)


The “Barrel Scraper” Award for Special Recognition in the Field of Hyping Terrible Games/Systems: finalstar2007 (Runner Up: MasterShake)


The “Yo, I’m Real Happy for You, and I’mma Let You Finish, But…” Award for Biggest Ego: DarkLink77 (Runner Up: Blackbond)


The “8.8” Award for Biggest Flop of the Year: Resident Evil 6 (Runner Up: Playstation All Stars Battle Royale)


The “Post That Thread One More Goddamn Time, I Dare You” Award for Most Overdone Thread Topic: Graphics Threads and ____ has no games! (Runner Up: PC hating and ___ is doomed!)

The “Spec Ops: The Line” Award for Biggest Change in Personality: GamerwillzPS (Runner Up: finalstar2007)


The “Son, You’ve Got a Condition” Award for User Most Likely to Go Off-Topic: freedomfreak, MasterShake, and ShadowMoses (Runner Up: Michael0134567)

freedomfreak MasterShakeShadowMoses

The “Fox News” Award for Most Committed, Slavish Devotion to a Game, Developer, Brand or System: ShadowMoses (Runner Up: texasgoldrush)


The “Like A (Broken) Record, Baby” Award for Worst Posting Gimmick: SNIPER4321 (Runner Up: ispeakfact and Heil_68)


The “Just… Just Stop” Award for Worst Thread Creator: ShadowMoses (Runner Up: Fear-)


The “Do You Even Lift?” Award for Best Rage Moment: Lupin and his alts (Runner Up: ShadowMoses)


The “You Really Should Write a Novel, Bro” Award for User Most Likely To Write A TL;DR-Worthy Post: ShadowMoses (Runner Up: texasgoldrush)


The “Needs Moar Charts” Award for Best Troll: ispeakfact (Runner Up: Stevo_the_gamer)


The “LOL I TROLL YOU” Award for Worst Troll: ShadowMoses (Runner Up: SNIPER4321)


The “arbitor365” Award for Mastery in the Art of Self-Ownage: JohnnyCageMK (Runner Up: ShadowMoses)


Platform Awards

The “Girlfriend? Can I Buy One On Steam?” Award for Biggest PC Aficionado: Jankarcop and Rocker6 (Runner Up: AdrianWerner)


The “Still Waiting for that AAAAE” Award for Biggest Xbox360 Aficionado: The_Game21x (Runner Up: LoosingENDS)


The “Even When We Lose the MetaGame, We Win. SDC, B!tches” Award for Biggest Sony Aficionado: finalstar2007 (Runner Up: ShadowMoses)


The” “F*ck Your HD… Wait, Nevermind” Award for Biggest Nintendo Aficionado: charizard1605 (Runner Up: mariokart64fan)


The “You Don’t Have a Vita? F*cking Casual” Award for a Genuine Manticore: ArisShadows (Runner Up: freedomfreak)


Charizard, one of the vote counters, released a public statement:

Like I said, the System Wars Awards happened this year against all odds. And this was thanks to the combined efforts of many, many users. A whole lot of whom came together and decided to throw away everything else they were doing to plan, coordinate, and then undertake such a massive undertaking. These users deserve to be recognized and acknowledged for what they did. So, in no order, thanks to Stevo_the_gamer, whose banner and background designs were used for this award; to Blabadon, who came up with many of the Award titles. To charizard1605 and freedomfreak, who spent hours counting all the votes. Also, thanks to Badosh, funsohng, CaseyWegner, timmy00, Verbtex, MusicalMac, and AdobeArtist, without whose help and support this would have all fallen apart. And a very special thanks to our (only) two time System Wars King, DarkLink77, who set the entire thing in motion and ensured it would happen.

A special mention must also be made of psymon100, jonwh18, and Soulitane, all of whom rose to the occasion magnificently when some urgent help was needed to ensure that the Awards would occur as scheduled.

Most of all, thanks to everyone who voted, thanks to everyone who participated. It’s only special because you make it so. So, above all else, thank you System Wars.


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