COW: Does Pokemon X and Y look like an N64 game?

pokemon x y

Nintendo, still desperate to avoid their incoming doom, has decided to announce yet another Pokemon game; this time for their nth Nintendo DS revision, the Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the 6th Generation of the longest-running fad in history (outside Nintendo itself), finally brings the series to 3D, with characters that are not sprites, but fully polygonal models.

I guess it cost too much money for Nintendo to give the game PS2 graphics, so it seems we will have to live with DS/N64/PS1 3D graphics for another seven years.

See? Pokemon Stadium for the N64 looked better!

Oh….nevermind…but still, it still looks like a DS game! Where is the generational leap?

Oh…there it is.

Darn it, I want a Pokemon game now… wait, I don’t need one; because the best gaming company in the world SONY already made one. It’s called the Eye of Judgement:

And it’s for the manly PLAYSTATION 3, no kiddy Nintendo 3D-DS or whatever they call it. You even use the PSEye camera to get the monsters to appear on-screen, just like the 3DS camera! See? More proof that Nintendo copies Sony. If you guys want true innovation, always play Playstation!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go get some Eye of Judgement cards from my local landfill. You can find some good PS3 stuff there.

About the author: The Cow is an avid lifelong fanboy of all things Playstation. Having grown up with Playstation systems and games, he can’t imagine a world where people think gaming means anything other than Playstation. He became a game journalist and looks up to one day live up to the professional practices of IGN and Kotaku.


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  1. The graphics are DS/N64/PS1 style because they are CELL-SHADED models. They deliberately made it that way to keep the pixel/cartoon-style look to the game, like in previous generations.

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