SHEEP: Reggie was right

Reggie went on CNN International to spread the gospel of the Wii U to a worldwide audience of old people, but the “gotcha” media giant had the cojones to ask him a question implying the Wii U was similar in specs to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

“In terms of specs, the Wii U is pretty much on par with the Xbox 360 and the PS3, but as we know Sony and Microsoft are set to release new consoles next year, so…aren’t you worried about the timing and that the Wii U will be a generation behind your rivals?”

– Biased CNN anchor Kristie Lu Stout spinning the facts

Of course, Reggie was quick to correct her and regain his reputation and his company’s honor on international TV by stating the fact that third-party games like Call of Duty do in indeed look better on the Wii U with a side by side comparison.

“The specs are quite different than our competitor’s systems, much more graphically intensive. If you do a side by side comparison, […] third party games like Call of Duty look dramatically better on our system.”

– Reggie saves the day

However, the internet (always trying to destroy and belittle Nintendo) said he was “lying”. They online trolls and fanboys claimed that “the games look worse on the Wii U, with missing graphical effects” and that the games “had performance problems on the Wii U that weren’t present in the PS3 and 360 versions”.

See? Look at how much better it looks!

However, we in the know don’t need some fancy graphical comparison and statistical evaluation of frame rates and number of bits transferred by the HDMI framebuffer to know that everything on the Wii U simply looks better.

You know why Wii U games always look better? Because they are next-gen.

The Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 are not next-gen; they are last-gen: They were each released over half a decade ago, while the Wii U is the first home console to be released in the 2010’s (that’s right Microsoft, the Xbox 360 did not release with the Kinect, stop pretending that it was).

The plebs that pretend that the Wii U is “similar in power to the 360 and PS3” are not looking at it the right way. They are not looking at the system with the correct scale.

Look at the size of the Wii U compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3:

If all three have similar graphical power, then why is the Wii U so small?

Look at how huge the Xbox 360 ‘Slim’ and the PS3 ‘Super Slim’ are next to the Wii U; these are the tiny versions of those systems and yet they still dwarf the Wii U in size.

With its tiny size, the Wii U can pump out graphics that are comparable to those much, much bigger than it! That is true next-gen technology! Imagine if the Wii U was the same size as the other two:

You see? A Wii U the size of the 360 and PS3 would have amazing graphics!

I’m sick and tired of the fanboys claiming otherwise. When put to scale, the Wii U does have better graphics than the competitors; but of course, Reggie will be crucified for saying the truth.

We should all go to CNN Headquarters in Atlanta and demand an apology from Kristie Lu Stout! I’ll start!

Come on guys! Join me! JOIN ME!!!!! WE’LL SPOTPASS!!!!

About the author: The Sheep is a die-hard Nintendo fanboy. Having grown up with Nintendo games, he can’t imagine how anyone can not like Mario and the classic Nintendo franchises. He owns a full collection of Nintendo plushies which he poses accordingly.


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  1. yeah…Wii U rocks that shit out that old gen shit console f*ck. NEXTGEN is there, NINTENDO AT ITS BEST!!!

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