LEMMING: Wii U’s Storage Space Is Pathetically Tiny

Nintendo, with only 4 days until the Wii U is released into the unsuspecting (and completely unimpressed) public, has finally revealed the details for the Wii U’s storage space capabilities and options via their latest Nintendo Direct from Japan.

The 8GB model (the white one) will only have 7.2GB of usable space, and the 32GB model (the black one) will only have 29GB of usable space. When you set up the system for the first time, it uses up a monstrous 4.2GB of space!

That is absolutely pathetic. It’s about as much as what the best-selling versions of the iPad can hold! What’s worse, 29GB will only hold like 14 copies of New Super Mario Bros U, or only 3,302 copies of Super Mario 64! How am I supposed to fit all of my other 698 copies in there?

To get more space, you have to plug in an external hard drive. Is this a joke? Am I supposed to carry around an external hard drive now too?

This is absolutely insulting, that a game console being released in 2012 is using expandable memory. Nintendo is so far behind they can’t even see the standards of modern technology.

All devices today are moving towards unexpandable storage. Look at the Google Nexus devices, the iPads; even the PS3 and 360 are moving away from more storage options, going from standard drive support to only using proprietary media.

This is where the Xbox 360 has been far more advanced than the other puny consoles, because it has used proprietary media since the start in 2005!

That’s right, none of that ugly third-party drives that you can use anywhere, Xbox 360 only uses its own special hard drive made just for it! No options whatsoever, you only gave money to one company and got one thing in return!

Sure, Microsoft made a mistake and released USB drive support a couple of years ago; but they kept its value in-check by limiting its storage capability.

Nintendo however, the joke of a company, thinks people actually want to be able to put their games in whichever external hard drive they see fit. They even say that after launch, they will release an update that allows more than one to be connected.

How can Nintendo claim they are going after the hardcore gamers when they don’t even do the same things the other systems are doing?

About the author: The Lemming is a die-hard follower of the Xbox. He started gaming with the original Xbox, and considers anything that isn’t M-rated and/or a sim racer to be games for children. Although Microsoft has since abandoned him as a target audience with the Xbox 360 and Kinect, he still feels satisfied playing his Halo rehashes and the various multiplats that he could get anywhere else.


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  2. So, every other current system out there can have expanded external memory, but when Nintendo does it, that makes Nintendo bad in some way. Hmmmmm. Sounds like you suck, Pal.

    • Ahhh. I actually read the article. It’s sarcasm. But, you know, we don’t need the public perception to be negative like that, you know, just from grabbing a headline, like I did. :0) Sorry!

  3. I don’t agree with your take on the 360’s HD being a single company only. You can plugin a WD Caviar Blue Laptop HD into the hard drive case and connect it to the 360, piece of cake,

  4. The internet is becoming the next news media on corruption to take people out I tell you and It wont stop. Every one is a troll on something they don’t like in this world be it your a fan on sports, clothing, food, tech, or even art that your going hate the competition and defend the other. Like where in the hell michael pachter come from to hate on Nintendo!? His job is to hate on Nintendo so that people get brain washed to his hatred that they will eventually become followers. Another thing is how the west is picking on Japanese developers for being lazy which they shouldn’t talk in the first place. That talk there creates back lash and causes hatred to the point if some one really believes in what others say they tend to develop fear and depression. No matter how bad the media makes Nintendo look bad, I’m still going to get me a Wii U. Oh wait I got one paid off for that matter with a 2TB hdd, 8 Wii U, Pro Con, and more lol! This year is going to be the best and I get to have fun with the people who’s lives are much happier then this clowning author lol!

  5. you know whats pathetic? The potential wii u storage is greater cheaper and more reliable than the ps3.

    External storage is light years better for the consumer

    love the sarcasm

  6. LMAO. I really like what you guys are doing with these. A lot of people are to stupid to read the “About the Author” and thanks to (actually) moronic people on the internet, they take everything at face value. Oh, the subtle art of sarcasm. I had to educate myself on the cow lemming gamespot thing. This is a kick ass idea. Its unique. And it should take off.

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