LAST TIME ON SYSTEM WARS: November 7th, 2012

Today’s gaming news landscape was dominated by Nintendo’s reveal of their Wii U OS and online system.

Yes, it’s November 7th, 2012; a week before the Wii U is released in the US, and we are just now seeing the Wii U OS and its Nintendo Network ID system for the very first time. The press also received their own Wii U’s and games to play; their sarcastic and wholly unimpressed reactions are well documented.

We will have more on Nintendo’s upcoming disaster later.

Nintendo also showed off this year’s New Super Mario Bros. game; boasting about its Mario World-inspired world map, Miiverse functionality, controls, and various other fun gadgets you will never use after the first two days.

Try to guess which New Super Mario Bros. game this image is from.

In other news, CliffyB tweeted a picture from a visit to Valve. This means absolutely nothing.

In related news, Steam Linux is in beta, but LittleBigPlanet Karting does not have a demo. Good move for Sony, since they still want the game to sell.

Rumors for the PS4 have it shipping development kits with the AMD A10 APU series. Of course, these are still rumors; there is no confirmation that Sony will survive to make a Playstation 4.

As for Lemmings, they are all still playing Halo 4. Despite finishing the campaign only four hours after they bought it, it is very fun to play that multiplayer game from 2001.