REPORT: Xbox 360 and Wii get holiday price drops, PS3/Vita does not

Microsoft is preparing for the upcoming Holiday war by dropping all of their Xbox 360 console prices by $50, making each system $50 cheaper than they were before.

Nintendo is not also just satisfied with releasing their new Wii U system, their original Wii is also getting a new bundle and price drop, being bundled with both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort in one disc with a new price of $129.99.

Meanwhile, at the Sony camp, they recently unveiled a new PS3 model that will be released with various bundles; the cheapest of which is $250, making it $100 more expensive than the cheapest Xbox 360 and only $50 less expensive than the cheapest Wii U.

UK Sony Boss Fergal Gara called it a “value priced” and “low price item”, going to say that “being able to get a lower entry price point for those consumers is important.” But as of now, the PS3 has the highest price barrier of any of the current-gen consoles.

Will Sony be able to overcome this price barrier this holiday to give healthy competition to Microsoft’s very popular system and Nintendo’s upcoming next-gen system?

This is all ignoring the handheld race, in which Nintendo’s 3DS and Apple’s iPhone 5 are projected to decimate Sony’s Vita, which has sold very poorly ever since it’s launch.

Sony promises that it will give the Vita “everything they’ve got” this Holiday season, but the likelihood of the Vita having a comeback (was it ever there in the first place?) are slim to none.


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