COW: The skinny on the Playstation All Stars Battle Royale leaks

It seems that some guy by the name of Afro Gunsou has been saying some terrible things about Sony and the companies and developers associated with Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. Here’s what he said:

Long story short, Superbot and SCEA signed agreements with each of the third parties providing characters for All Stars (specifically Raiden and Dante) that their characters would be revealed “to best accommodate the needs” of the character’s developers.

Dante and Raiden were each supposed to get character reveals trailers akin to the Sonic in Smash Bros trailer; the trailer would act as both hype for a new All Star and hype for their upcoming game (Revegance). These were gentleman’s agreements. Once the leak happened, Superbot and SCEA went into panic mode and realized that the majority of their work on the title was just given an early blow-out, potentially killing any sort of carefully timed pre-launch hype.

In order to continue hype, SCEA’s marketing team contacted Paul Gale, who first revealed the game on his blog as “Title Fight”. Realizing that he could be used as a scape goat for false advertising, they bribed him (though the extent of which is something I do not know the specifics of) and told him to quote “go nuts”.

Now, some of you may be angry at this. Some of you may see this as such a monumentally and catastrophically huge mess. But see, this is good. It shows that Sony cares.

Sony loved us so much, that they wanted us to be hyped by things that were never going to come true! They wanted us to feel the same way those Nintendo sheep felt about seeing Sonic in their game so much that they arranged it all to happen behind our backs!

Now, sure, these things got leaked and were all ruined.

Realizing a potential destruction of his reputation if done incorrectly, Gale carefully timed out “leaks” and “teases” and purposely laced them with vague and false information in order to pump the fan base up for release.

There’s nothing wrong with this. His personal reputation was at stake; it’s only natural to accept lying and misleading your readers to cover up the bribes made to you by companies that couldn’t bother to take out their secret stuff out of the distributed beta.

But it’s fine, it all ended up nice and well….

A Sony representative confirmed that its public relations department in San Diego has been closed.

I do frequent voice work with many of the teams at Sony and two of my good friends were part of the layoff, hence how I know about any of this.

While the Sony PR firings had a lot to do with the way the holiday line-up was presented at TGS, the PSASBR issues acted as a major catalyst to the decision.

It’s worth nothing that all but three of the SCEA PR and marketing staff originally assigned to PS All Stars is still working on the project. The others were either fired during the post-TGS lay-offs or were assigned to new projects.

….well, except for those people.

This can also be a good thing! Sony needed new blood in their marketing, it’s not like the problem was about the suits that decided to use a US based marketing firm to promote games in Japan, or do other stupid decisions that make no one want to buy their products….or anything. It was obviously about the guys who did everything they wanted to do and have to worry about families to feed!

However, all of that seems to have been pointless, because Sony and Superbot have all denied these claims by Mr. Gunsou.

“no truth to any of that, to my knowledge.” – Twitter

The claims are false.

People are having a blast on the Internet, trying to spread lies. Not true. No bribes taken, no false info. All info came from the source.

I completely believe them. It’s not like they aren’t damage controlling or everything, and is obviously not part of their monumental incompetence and transparent attempt to ape other popular products to pass them off as their own.

I am so proud to be a Playstation gamer. Everyone buy PSASBR!

About the author: The Cow is an avid lifelong fanboy of all things Playstation. Having grown up with Playstation systems and games, he can’t imagine a world where people think gaming means anything other than Playstation. He became a game journalist and his treated with the same respect as such.