ARTICLE: The Last of Us: What to Expect



Last of Us is looking to be another smash hit for game developers Naughty Dog. ears perk up at the mere mention of the game and in proper styling for a game everyone wants to play…we know next to nothing about it.

Some people would say “Silence is golden” in the world of hyping up your new title for a big reception and heralding in what could be the next Uncharted. A lot is on the line not only for Naughty Dog but Sony as well, every unique series they can get under their already impressive belt of original IP’s is exactly what they want with the PS4 looming in the near future. The last thing both of them need is for consumers to get an idea of what they think the game will be like and find out that the developers and the marketing team were both out to lunch in the whole communications thing.

Last of Us can’t become just another “Shooter with Zombies” it has to break the mold somewhere and Naughty Dog has the bar set fairly high. They got away with making a male Tomb Raider and garnering next to no ire due to the Tomb Raider franchise being one foot in the grave for a few iterations. I doubt they can pull the same miracle twice unless they are aiming at another genre that has been poorly represented in the console field for a while…Survival Horror.

Naughty Dog is treading dangerous ground in my personal opinion on being so tight-lipped on how/what the game will play like. I remember the last time I was captivated by an amazing concept and CG trailers only to have my heart torn out. I think we all know what I’m talking about and I’m sure that I am not the only person who has been left a little sore after that CG trailer left us with so much promise only to deliver a mediocre effort and failed to capitalize on the idea we were presented in that glorious trailer.

She is as dead as my dreams of Dead Island being anything more than a FPS melee brawler

Now don’t get me wrong when I mention that Naughty Dog could be aiming for the Survival Horror crowd, I don’t think Last of Us will be a flat out horror game, but it has the workings of taking the genre in a new direction; and not in the way Capcom vomited up what they are still trying to coing as “Survival Horror” Resident Evil action mo….I mean games.

Being the game will revolve two characters in a extremely hostile and desolate environment they could easily make survival a main obstacle of the game. Procuring food and water from abandoned buildings, sneaking past foes to preserve ammo but keep yourself hidden and safe, hoarding your scant resources and having to question the use of every single bullet. I want the game to make me ask myself “Did I really need to use my gun on that guy? I attracted more attention than I needed, I’m short on ammunition and I took far too much damage from that exchange and now I’m in a worse position than I would have been if I had just taken that single enemy out silently.”

What do you think of Last of Us? Do you think it will break some molds, be in a survival vein, or just be Uncharted with zombies and Ellen Page…?


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  1. What will really make The Last Of Us standout amongst other more generic “survival horrors”, is that this will be heavily focused on constructing a genuinely captivating and believable story, of 2 characters trapped in an impossible situation. I have little doubt that Naughty Dog will succeed with The Last Of Us, despite knowing very little details.

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