RUMOR: Wii U less powerful than an Xbox 360?



Hello, this is Verb, Senior Sony Correspondent, and this is System Wars News. I will be taking over the duties of the Nintendo correspondent today, because he’s too busy being a sore loser.

Wii U rumors are on at full force, with a recent one saying that the console is actually less powerful than the Xbox 360 or PS3.

This latest rumor comes from CVG, using two different sources from developers.

One of them reads, and I quote: “Assumptions that Wii U games will look like ‘up rezzed’ current-gen titles with better textures aren’t quite right. They’ll look just as good, but not better, you shouldn’t expect anything special from a graphics point of view,”

The other reads, and I quote: “We’re still working on dev machines but there have definitely been some issues [in porting PS3/360 games], it’s not actually a problem getting things up and running because the architecture is pretty conventional, but there are constraints with stuff like physics and AI processing because the hardware isn’t quite as capable.”

The same source also said: “I suppose you don’t need sophisticated physics to make a Mario game.”

Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me. Ever since the DS, Nintendo has always been a generation behind Sony (and Microsoft, I suppose). When my fellow Sheep were stuck playing with less-than-Xbox graphics, we were enjoying HD visuals with actual shaders.

I feel sorry for Nintendo fans, since it looks like they will be stuck another generation dangling behind. Now of course, these are just rumors and could be false, but who cares!