REGGIE: “Everytime we do an innovation, we see others copy”



Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, recently held a small interview with Prince Jay Young on his plans and his competitors, as well as expanding to the Brazil market, FPS on Wii U, and thoughts on whatever next move his competitors will plan.

On whether First Person Shooters will work on Wii U:

“First person shooters, whether it’s Battlefield of Call of Duty; 1080p graphics with the ability to do some unique elements with my Wii U controller, I think all of those will play extremely well.”

Imagining the market 5 years after the Wii U launch:

“I met with some Brazilian retailers yesterday, and we showed with them that the Mexican market is estimated to be about a billion dollars in revenue for the gaming industry, estimated. We said in five years, that Brazil should be bigger than Mexico: twice as many people, growing middle class, tremendous opportunity. What we need to do is work in partnership with retailers to help shape the industry, make it approachable to consumers, make it shop-able in stores, all the things fundamental to growing a business.”

“I don’t think it will be five years, maybe a bit longer, but I think Brazil will be my second biggest market next to the US.”

On Microsoft and Sony’s answer to the Wii U:

“Here is the interesting history of Nintendo: every time we do an innovation, we see others copying the idea. Whether that is joystick control, rumble on a controller, motion control, touch screen on a handheld, do I need to go on?

All I need to focus is making my products as effective as I can, growing my 3DS business, growing my Wii U business, concurrently driving my Wii and DS family of products business, and I’ll let the competitors worry about what I do.