BATTLE ROYALE February 2012 Part 2



It’s Vita time!

Does it deliver a point for Sony, or does it ruin their game?


Vita is a solid system, Sony deserves a point for it.

Once support starts picking up, it’s going to be an amazing system.


It’s a decent system at the moment that will get better. It’s launch games have been decent too, 7s nowadays indicate a pretty good game so I’d give Sony a point.


Considering I’m probably the only guy who bought one “Early” launch I can say without a doubt the Vita has a pretty “Meh” lineup for me at least, when it shines it’s not because of it’s features so far.

The only game that has hooked me in is Lumines Electronic Symphony…seriously they should have bundled this with the system not that crap little deviants.

But really it managed to get my purchase with the few awesome games it does have, and Touch my Katamari *While it’s not available on the PSN for me at least yet* Looks and sounds like a great step forward for the series.

While the Vita launch was fairly weak in my opinion in terms of quality it beats the 3DS, and well Microsoft isn’t even in the handheld race unless you count the Zune…and we don’t want to count the Zune…(No Windows Phone is not a handheld platform).

I’ll give my point to Sony for no other reason that Lumines will eat all of my free time, but I do warn Sony they better get ontop of fixing a few of the niggles of the system nothing huge, but a bunch of tiny things that get anoying when compiled ontop of each other.


Sony should probably get a point just because the system exists and you can play games on it.

Well, that and Twisted Metal met hype.


Looks like a solid core gamer’s handheld to me. good features, strong games lineup, near-PS3 graphics. Sony made a good system.

Haters gonna hate.


I have been trying to win one via Taco Bell, so I suppose I got into the hype as well. Although, it’s too early to say if this system will truly deliver (or if it even will be around next year), I think the Sony fans definitely deserves a point.


I got a first edition bundle too, Jynx. Rayman is pretty awesome.


I think it’s a pretty solid system. It’s features match today’s technology standard in my opinion. The price is right for what it offers. I think SONY deserves some credit for actually competing with Nintendo in the handheld war. Lineup like always is weak as it’s just starting, I never had too much confidence on Uncharted but I think starting late this year and beginning next year we’ll see better results.


I forgot about Twisted Metal, surely breaking the 7.0/7.5 curse warrants a point.


So, we all agree that we throw Sony a well deserved bone then?

Only thing happening on other platforms is…well all that comes to mind is MGS3D.


Yeah, forget that. Sony wins!






Sony (Cows) +1


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