REPORT: Casey Wegner Crowned As The New System Wars King

The users of System Wars have declared Casey Wegner guilty of being the best mod in the history of System Wars, confirming his election to being Champ’s replacement as King of System Wars.

Three hundred people came together to vote on this momentous occasion, with 111 votes for Casey winning, and 80 votes against.

The former SW King, Champ, was banned this February for calling the main character of Bayonnetta a very inappropriate word, which is now allowed by the new ToU.

The time span between the ban of Champ and the coronation of Casey is 11 months, the longest time System Wars has been without a reigning monarch since the early 2000’s.

The runner-up candidate, SolidTy, could not get the votes necessary to win the election. “It is really sad, but I guess people simply had a more personal relationship with Casey. He touched so many people, with various degrees of appropriateness….” says GS user DJ_Vhat.

Casey won the election despite being attacked with allegations of corruption and being a jerk, as well as being called a Democrat. He recently lost his position as mod of System Wars after he took a bite of the hand that fed him.

Those who voted yes are currently being investigated by Gamespot staff, expect the banhammer in your PM’s shortly.


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