After countless Gamespot surveys, the people of SW have won. The rules of the old ToS no longer apply in System Wars.

“If you noticed that many trolling and troll-flame posts are not getting removed from System Wars discussions, that’s because it’s not something we will moderate in this forum.” said the Staff on Wednesday. Like the Wild West, System Wars is now every man for himself.

The Staff have prepared this simple Q&A with themselves to explain the new rules:

But, staff, you can’t change the rules.
Oh, but loyal System Wars poster, we can. Read section 1 bullet 1, bullet 2, and bullet 8.

Wait, I can now speak my mind and tell people off?
Yes. If you want to get more tips on how to use your flame-bait wisely, read the survival guide we’ll post here at a later time.

I can no longer report people for calling me a troll?
Sure you can, but expect it to be cleared from the moderation queue. After a month or so, we might start marking people for reporting abusively. Keep that in mind.

Some guy called me a dumbass, and said I was butthurt for sharing my opinion. Now what?
You can tell him why you aren’t a dumbass, butthurt, and give him facts. We aren’t going to intervene.

But someone called me a fanboy and they cant do that.
They can now. Doesn’t matter if you are. Be proud or ignore what someone else on the internet thinks about you.

But someone told me to get the hell out of here.
Tell him why you should stay. Ignore him, You can tell him that he’ll never find heaven. We don’t care about flaming that doesn’t fall under offensive or hate-speech.

Some guy said he reported me.
If he did, it’ll get ignored by staff and mods as long as you don’t have offensive material, racial slurs, sexually explicit content, illegal activities, illegal advertisements, pornography and hate-speech/threats,

What do you mean by hate speech?
They need to be something we’d contact local law enforcement about. We can’t give you every single example, but here: “I hope you get cancer”; “JUMP OFF A CLIFF” “take 50 sleeping pills and die”; “watch your back, you are a dead man”. We have been known to contact local law enforcement if we believe your threat is worthy of an investigation. DONT DO IT.

This comes after Gamespot sent out surveys to users in System Wars, asking what they think about the current moderation policies in place.

“Saying anything on this forum would get you modded. Troll, fanboy, ignorant, etc. It was retarded. And now, finally, we are free. ” said resident troll DarkLink77.

“I can say boobs and poppycock without being sent to the e-naughty corner. This is good.” said Floppy_Jim.

“Dumbed Down System Wars evolved into System Wars!” said 789shadow.

An official System Wars Survival Guide is said to be in the works, but they are still working on it.

“Oh man this is so going to be like SW around 2005.” said Magiciandude.

“From the looks of things everyone on System Wars is now back in gradeschool.” said Jynxzor.

“Thanks to the new rules, trolling, lulz and immaturity is at a maximum in SW. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” said Fabz_95.

789shadow explained the situation to readers of SWM: “Long story short, pretty much 95% of things that would have gotten you a moderation at least, are completely a-OK. Dumbass. This post illustrates my point, by the way.”



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