PREVIEW: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

After Oblivion I told myself I would probably never play another game like it again because of how much time I had invested into it.


Now I find myself playing Skyrim and again, way to go conviction! But I digress…Skyrim much like oblivion takes us back into a very open ended RPG world this time located in the frigid land of Skyrim. I am doing a 2 part review because as of writing this I am far from finished with the game and I’m sure my opinion will be swayed as I continue to play as questions such a replay-ability and overall story can’t be answered with just a paltry walk in the park that I have done so far.

Gameplay wise the game is very similar to oblivion, the first person perspective while using melee weapons still works rather well, the stealth mechanics remain a tad clunky (As of writing I have 110 sneak skill) I find enemies will ignore me at times and others they will spot me miles away while sneaking even in the darkest environments. Magic is handled almost like a weapon instead of an executable spell in Oblivion to use a spell you must sacrifice the use of one of your hands and spells can also be dual wielded to increase potency this adds a bit more visual flair to the animations and feels more fluid. Dragon shouts add a welcome bonus to any play styles you take in the game, fully powering up a specific word you have taken a shining too is a bit of a hassle as there are a large number of different words and many often take a long trip through a dungeon to get but it adds another layer of longevity to the game.

While it may not come as a surprise for this genre of game but glitches are numerous and extremely annoying at times. Often forcing you to reload a previous save, or restart your game entirely if it decides to just crash for no reason at all. The environment looks amazing from far away but the closer you get the less impressive the landscape appears, and recycled dungeons tend to get rather droll over time.

Of course giving time the mod community will fix these gregarious errors and graphical failings but it just feels like the developers have had enough experience to stop these errors and are being plain lazy because they know the mod community will fix it for free.

The sheer amount of quests there are to do is very impressive while some tend to be very cut and dry “Get X and bring it to Y” Many quests have an enjoyable storyline and often lead to much more grand adventures than they initially seem to promise. So far my experiences with Skyrim the Positive far outweigh the negative aspects and I am enjoying my time in Skyrim, as it stands I would have to recommend this game to anyone with a PC powerful enough to take advantage of future mods and graphical enchantments. The future of Skyrim is bright, the groundwork itself is amazing and time will only make it better.