REPORT: Zelda Flops

“This is blasphemy! I want Tom’s head on a stake by tomorrow morning!” says Animorphsfan.

Ah, memories.

In 2006, Jeff Gerstmann reviewed Zelda: Twilight Princess with a score of 8.8, becoming the most publicized game review in the history of the Internet. Such a huge flop, people called for Jeff to be fired, calling him fat, and threatening to kill him for his review. We thought we would never see something like that ever again.

But then comes the next Zelda game.

“My Goodness I go away fro one day and miss the biggest flop of the century!!!!!!” said musalana just minutes after the review was posted.

“I just watched the video review. Its like he didnt even play the same game as all those other reviewers…I love how he describes the game as fetch quest, dungeon, fetch quest…It sounds like Skyrim. Yet that has a 9.0.”said argetlam00

“So charizard do we both lose our bet now?” said super600.

“f*** this site, Tom McS*** reviews.” said SaltyMeatballs.

“Wow I am absolutely loving the madness. All the sheep flipping out and losing it xD” said GiveMeSomething.

“I need to vist Jeff in person to reclaim all my death threats and to say I’m sorry. I’ve cleary sent them to the wrong person.” said Technoweirdo.

Gamespot’s review is one of the lowest the game has gotten, which has previously received Perfect 10’s from places like Game Informer, IGN, and Edge.