REPORT: Secret Gamespot Organization Crumbling

It is no rumor that the Gamespot community is run by the Mafia.

For years, the Gamespot forums have been ruled by a series of different gangs that live at the top of the food chain.

However, the most infamous and dangerous of them all may be ending their rule.

Faced with an anemic lack of activity in their secret invite-only union, the GUFU clan has gone into meltdown mode.

“GUFU is dying. In its current state, it is only a matter of time before it happens, and the saddest part is that we are the ones digging our own graves.” says Sky in an address to the union. “The GS board is all but abandoned, and even though the new forum and IRC are active, I keep seeing the same faces posting over and over again. We have failed to attract new members, and the ones we do recruit don’t stay for long.”

Sky recounts a tale as depressing and fearful as that of Ghadafi’s rise to power. “Lafigueroa took over as leader without any election, stripped the officers of their titles, and gave the mods the officer positions.”

Tensions escalated quickly amongst the members. “It’s not like we don’t have morons in GUFU. Like PSN annoys some of you off, whatever he’s easy to mock. Darklink? not exactly difficult. G, Shadow, Blizzvalve? Um they poop on themselves. None of you died from having to read their posts.” says late SW King Champ.

“W/e happened to the days of trolling TY, Agent, HYPE, the SW illuminati and all that?” said Dystopian.

“When I joined the union a year and a half ago, it was a very different place. ” continues Sky. “The board was lively, I was welcomed with open arms, and Game hadn’t finished his book yet. People went so far as to make conspiracy theories about us (if anybody outside is reading this – the rumors are all true. All of them). Nowadays, the union is a shell of its former self, our leadership is absent, and Game still hasn’t finished his book.”

In their panic, they opened up their GUFU Gamespot Union, making the formerly exclusive invite-only secret club open to all (go go go!!!!), and they plan to have community events to revitalize the clan.

Will GUFU live much longer? “Let’s discuss in the hot girls thread plz?” says Silvur.

Guess it was nice knowing them.