PREVIEW: Uncharted 3 Beta



As someone who played the Uncharted 2 multiplayer quite a lot and being someone who loves the UC series I was pretty excited for the UC3 beta and I thought it was pretty good. My interest in the beta went for high to low to high again. Being a beta the number of maps were limited to two at first and at the beginning of the beta that was fine. The two maps were great, Airstrip starts off on moving platforms, heroes in a plane and enemies in vehicles and then eventually reaches the main stage, something which I thought was very cool whilst Chateau features a burning building, the insides of which eventually crumble to the ground. Uncharted 2’s multiplayer maps were pretty dynamic too but nothing like this.

Other new features like the customization of your hero/villain and your emblem were nice too, as was Uncharted TV stopping me from getting bored whilst I wait to find someone to play with. The variety of game modes were nice, my favourite being the 3 team deathmatch which is very fun if you’re with a friend. Anyway, I really enjoyed the beta at first, it was similar enough to UC2 for me to be good at it but different with it’s melee system, movement (you can sprint now), kickbacks which are unlocked during the game by your number of kills and the likes of the game suddenly assigning an MVP meant it felt fairly fresh. I got a little bored of the beta since there was only two maps but when an update brought in Yemen, I was back to playing it. I had a blast with the beta, especially when playing with friends and I’m sure when the game comes out with it’s fully fleshed out multiplayer I’ll be playing that plenty too.


I enjoyed the beta. It’s clear than Naughty Dog have made multiplayer a much bigger focus this time around, the emphasis on unlockables and perks provides a good incentive to keep on playing. Games feel balanced for the most part, whilst the graphics continue to impress.

Was going to purchase it anyway, but the online seems like it’s going to add so much more replayability. Like well paced third person shooting with great cover mechanics? Check this out.


I haven’t played the Beta, but I’m sure, like all of the other Uncharted games, it was quite terrible.