BATTLE ROYALE Post-E3 2011 Edition


So, who won E3 guys?

I think we can already count out EA and Ubisoft, both managed to be as entertaining as Microsoft ’10….and Microsoft ’11 wasn’t much better


MS’s 2011 conference is in the running for worst E3 conference EVER. Of all time. It’s either Sony or Nintendo.


Microsoft won……*giggle*….*laughs* Ok sorry I tried to keep a straight face but it didn’t work.

Personally Sony won I am very pleased by the price of the PS-Vita and they seem to have a strong lineup of games coming out on the PS3. Nintendo did good but really dropped the ball on actually showing us anything that wasn’t the controller, also the translator should be shot for talking on top of Miyamoto. Made it so I couldn’t hear EITHER of them.

Overall E3 Conferences have disappointed me this year, no big bombshells at all really. Everything was leaked far ahead of time minus the what Cafe actually was, and PSV price-point.

Microsoft got…youtube…yay welcome to the party Microsoft, for once Cows can say it took years to get a PS3 feature on the 360.


Microsoft is going to sell the most junk this year, no doubt. Sony got a huge win with the PSV price, but without a game library, you kinda forget about it when you start seeing all the 3DS games on the floor. The Wii U looks hot, but it so early in development, Nintendo themselves have no idea what to do with it.

Best games shown would be Zelda Skyward Sword, Battlefield 3, and Rayman Origins.


But Skyward Sword WASN’T shown, Nintendo buried a lot of solid titles. like, for example…who knew the Kirby game that began development so long ago on Gamecube was coming out as a swan song for the Wii?

I didn’t until I looked on the Nintendo Channel.


But it was, Darkspineslayer. E3 is not just the conference, but the actual convention on the show floor where they show all the games, including Gamespot’s demos. Skyward Sword was indeed shown, including on Gamespot, and it looked fantastic, probably the Game of the Show. Nintendo’s conference was bad in that they forgot to show over half of what they brought to E3 in it (the good half, I might add).


MS 2011 was very de javu, I expected a little better but I was more hopeful; at least we got some halo announcements.

Sony was pretty solid, UC3 is shaping up nicely as is R3, PSV price is great, Sly 4 and Starhawk look good too and it was nice to hear that BF1943 will be coming with BF3. The PS3 had a lot of games shown for it and I think it was a solid conference.

Nintendo was the best for me, countered Vita’s great price and features with a load of games (Mario Kart, Starfox and Super Mario 3DS all come to mind) with some Skyward Sword footage (orchestra was great too) and the Wii-U looks promising but I’ll have to see more on that one. Still, it had the most exciting announcements which is why it won for me.


This has been a pretty disappointing E3 this year.

Firstly, there was the Microsoft conference…and that’s all I really need to say at this point. Although MS’s conference was ruined for “hardcore” 360 gamers expecting more “hardcore” exclusive games, it was a great show for people wanting to see more Kinect games. They’ll be excited to see sequels to top kinect games like Kinect Sports and Dance Central, kids will be excited about exploring virtual Disneyland and waving their arms with Cookie Monster, and it’ll be exiting for them to see games like Ghost Recon and Minecraft getting Kinect support. It definitely wasn’t a good conference for the common forum-dweller, but it was good enough for MS to get casuals and investors excited.

Next, there was Sony, which, although filled with good content, was boring to watch. There were many great games shown for the PS3, including Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3, but the demos that were shwon weren’t very entertaining. plus, many games, including The Last Guardian, were missing. Lastly, the biggest news of the show was the Playstation Vita, with its many features for the same price as the 3DS. Although many people on SW quickly wanted to burn the 3DS on a giant bonfire, I’m not that optimistic about it yet. The Playstation Vita is a very impressive piece of tech and is even more impressive that Sony is selling it at a cheap price, but from the games shown, I don’t know if I can get excited for it.

What really concerns me is Sony is going to sell the Vita at a lost (which didn’t work for them with the PS3). If they want to make a profit on this thing from the start, they better have a spectacular launch lineup, but again, i don’t see this happening. Like the PSP and (to an extent) the 3DS, there are going to be many console ports released for this handheld. This would be fine, but besides the new Uncharted and quirky games like Sound Shapes and Little Deviants, that’s all I’m seeing for the Vita. Sony’s major selling point for this thing is having a console experience on the go, but (ignoring size for a minute) would people want to play Uncharted on a small screen or play it on a giant HDTV? If it leads to this conundrum like it did with the PSP, and theyre losing money on it, Sony could be shooting themselves in the foot with the Vita.

Lastly, there is the Nintendo conference, like last year, having the best conference (which isnt saying much). After celebrating Zelda’s 25th Anniversary by rereleasing old Zelda games and mentioning Skyward Sword, they go directly into the 3DS, showing titles like Mario Kart 3DS, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Super Mario 3DS (nothing too shocking, but big enough games to beat the Vita’s launch). After that, they went directly into the the console with the dumbest name ever, the Wii U (making this year the E3 of dumb names). Although what they showed so far is impressive (including the controller, its features, and the third party support), they were completely unorganized during the entire E3.

Many people were complaining about being confused about the purpose of the Wii U and the many announcements Nintendo were making about it, but they’re not alone. Many third party developers began development on the Wii U around the same time as we were getting rumors about it. As of right now, not only do third parties don’t realize the possibilities of the new hardware, but not even Nintendo knows what they’re going to do with it. They’ve been silent about giving details about the Wii U throughout the entire E3 conference, leaving many people (including stockholders) puzzled over the new device. The Wii U is in early development stage, and Nintendo rushed to show this device (even though they still had the Wii to support, which was mostly ignored during the entire conference). Nintendo should have waited until TGS to show this device so they would have a better idea of what they were going to do with this device, but it leaves with even more questions that not even nintendo can answer.


Nintendo hands down. Sony was alright, but their presentation was boring and I’m not hyped up for the PS Vita. Do I even need to bring Microsoft’s?


Then it is decided, Nintendo won exactly as we predicted.