Pour One Out for the banned: Espada12, a popular and recognizable SW face got banned, for the second time. No word yet on whether or not he plans to rise from the grave again. TintedEyes, best known for his hatred of disc swapping, was also banned. We believe he is now carrying on his crusade in the other realm.

PSN got a Welcome Back Package, and the PSN faithful will be getting some free games, but the PSN Store still isn’t up. Oops. Maybe we’ll finally get a date for full restoration at E3.

Cd Projekt Red released The Witcher 2, and owned BioWare hard. Even Kevin V was impressed, awarding the game an 9.0. Hermits celebrated by having a pizza party over Ventrillo.

Sony announced the PSP Remasters for the PS3. Everyone again wondered why they bothered spending money on the PSP in the first place.

Activision announced that the upcoming Beachhead developed Call of Duty game would have premium online features. Hermits stopped by the forums long enough to chuckle at the console peasents before returning to slay monsters, and Cows and Lemmings were briefly united by the one force more powerful than their hatred of each other: Their combined hatred of Call of Duty.

Dirt 3 released and scored a 9.0 on all platforms. Apparently, however, Youtube functionality needs some work, so every faction ignored it. No posting vids of ownage = no buy.

Rumors of a MK9 PC port became widespread. Despite the franchise’s “casual” status among console players, Hermits were excited. Maybe it’ll be more hardcore on PC.

Activision released a trailer for Modern Warfare 3. Everyone on System Wars pretended not to care by posting in dozens of topics about the game.

Sony announced their E3 press conference would be five hours long. We expect most of that time will consist of Sony Exec’s silently bowing before the audience over the PSN outage. Whether or not PSN will be fully functional by conference time is unconfirmed. Which would probably explain the bowing.

Hideo Kojima cried about something on Twitter. Cows cared because it might mean that the man might have been working on something other than Metal Gear Solid. Expect rejoicing when it is announced that MGS is all Kojima will be doing from now on. Forever.

Console fanboys compared every console from 1996 on to the PC and barely won. Hermits laughed noting that console gamers had just proved what they’d been saying for years.

Duke Nukem Forever went Gold. In other news, the Rapture was averted. Way to go, Duke.