ARTICLE: System Wars’ Most Anticipated Games of E3 2011



Well, ladies and gentlemen, the voting is over and the results are in. There’s a lot for System Wars users to look for at E3, and we’ve got all the big names in one place. But this was a community list, so let’s hear them tell it. Without further ado, System Wars’ Top five most anticipated games at E3!

5. A five way tie between Modern Warfare 3, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, Bioshock Infinite, Final Fantasy Versus 13, and Ninja’s Theory’s Devil May Cry game turning out to be just Capcom trolling us. Again. Each game had two votes apiece.

Let’s see what people have to say!

Modern Warfare 3:

enterawesome: What will they do next? I hope there’s more guns, helicopters, and green audio waves!

illmatic87: U mad? thought so. Great things come in three: The stooges, Godfather, bread patties in a big mac and the father, the son and the holy spirit. Really though, it will be in our face, or you may want to even seek it out. You either want to see how it stacks up so Battlefield 3 kids can make fun of it, you want to see the result of an IW CoD title in the post West/Zampella era or either–as a devils advocate and soon to be banned member of our lovely System Wars community–you want to see it because you want to play it and maybe even post a let’s play video on youtube to be unique and everything.


Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

OneSanitarium: Me, Timmy00, Luxen, and Yangire gonna be doin that Survival mode. All day, erry day.

Bioshock: Infinite

romans828_2002: If there was only one new game I was going to get to play for the rest of my life, that one would be it.

Filthybastrd: Bioshock Infinite because I love clunky shooters that actualy know they’re not of pure breed and I love me some story focus along with inspired art.

Final Fantasy Versus 13:

HaloPimp978: FF VS XIII because I have been waiting years to see more gameplay and will it be the game that stops Square Enix’s recent woes with FF XIII and FF XIV which I don’t play, but it was the worst PC game of last year.

Devil May Cry:

Jynxzor: I want Capcom to Retcon the terrible mistake they made with the DMC5 trailer. Murder the team who created it and pretend it never existed….I’m sure nobody would complain.

Master_ShakeXXX: This would be a great opportunity for Capcom to reveal unto us all that the Ninja Theory DmC was just a big mean joke.

4. Another tie! This time between Battlefield 3, Dark Souls, and The Last Guardian, each with three votes.

Battlefield 3:

NaveedLife: Assuming they are going to show off Multiplayer. Battlefield is my favorite FPS series out there, and the most fun online experience (well, it and Diablo) I have ever experienced. Naturally, I am very excited for what looks to be my favorite FPS ever made

Dark Souls:

BPoole96: Although I doubt any info will be at E3 (TGS is a better bet), I want to see more of Dark Souls. Demon’s Souls may very well be my all time favorite game, so obviously I’m excited for its spiritual successor

The Last Guardian:

Cheesehead9099: Team Ico is probably my favorite dev, and SoTC was a masterpiece last gen. I personally CANNOT wait to see what kinds of unique gameplay they’ll bring this time around with The Last Guardian and what kinds of relationships the player will have with the dog-bird-dragon thingy.

3. Another tie. Y’all just could not make up your minds. Tied for 3rd with four votes a pop: Batman: Arkham City, Mass Effect 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. What did SW think of these blockbuster games?

Arkham City:

Cherokee_Jack: I’m not the biggest fan of Arkham Asylum out there (really liked it, didn’t love it) but it was still amazing to see Rocksteady basically kick down the door of the gaming industry and announce that they had arrived. From the looks of things it wasn’t a fluke, and they’re actually following up this instant “event” game with the sequel it deserved. I think this time it’s bound to really click with me, because I was so close to being there with Asylum and just a couple fewer gargoyles probably would have put me over the edge. Which makes this game overkill in the best way.

GreenGoblin2099: First one was a blast and worth the title of goty (even though it didn’t get it) so I can only expect more epicness from this sequel.

gameofthering: I want a trailer that will show us all the new things we can expect in the game.

Mass Effect 3:

mrmusicman247: I’m definitely looking forward to Mass Effect 3 gameplay. After all the information that has come out about the game, there’s nothing else more that I want than to see this game finally in motion. People complain about the direction Bioware took Mass Effect 2 and are very wary of ME3. However, I do think Bioware deserves another chance with this series. If you didn’t like it, of course. (I wasn’t one of these people ) I think Mass Effect will be the best of the series.

Cheesehead9099: My hype has died a bit for this game recently because of the news of BioWare dumbing it down again, but I’m still confident in the game and I’m excited to see if the fabled RPG improvements have actually made their way to the game.

HaloPimp978: Mass Effect 3 because I want to see the gameplay and if it can top ME 2 which was the GOTY 2010 IMO.


Cherokee_Jack: It’s not about the graphics. It’s not about the dragons. It’s not about the kill animations. It’s about getting in there and living in Tamriel. I suspect the combat will be the best it’s ever been in the series (TBH it’s not hard) but I really just want to see someone walking around a huge city and talking to people and buying things and stone-cold reading books. To me that’s the backbone of Elder Scrolls.

2. Now we come down to the big titles. This one was all by itself with 6 votes. Can you guess? It’s Uncharted 3.

Uncharted 3:

AmayaPapaya: Uncharted 3- Uncharted 2 had a great showing back in E3 09. I can’t wait to see if Naughty Dog has something to blow are socks off this year. So far, I have not been displeased by what Naughty Dog has shown, and I’m excited to see how the graphics have evolved since the last time they showed U3 at the beginning of the year. Last year it was a collapsing building, now what this year?

Cheesehead9099: Naughty Dog did a great job with Uncharted 2, which was one of my favourite games of this generation. I’m looking forward to the multiplayer improvements they’ve made and I’m dying to learn more about the story. Can’t wait for this one!

enterawesome: I’m looking forward to this game because I have a thing for inner-skull explosions.

darkspineslayer: Uncharted 3 promises to be awsome, and Sony usualy keeps one bombshell hidden for their conference.

1. And now, the number one game. This one ran away in the poll, accumulating a mind blowing 16 votes before all was said and done. But why wouldn’t it? It’s the latest entry in what is widely considered to be the best video game franchise of all time. It’s The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Skyward Sword:

AmayaPapaya: This E3 seems like the big moment for Zelda. It will either make or break SS. Not much has been shown, but this E3 is when everyone expects Nintendo to blow the top off and reveal all sorts of things about SS. I’m not too sure about the motion control, but I will only be able to judge it for myself when it lands in my hands, hopefully, by the end of this year. I trust Nintendo enough to deliver a great experience, at the very least.

110million: With the backlash of Twilight Princess, I’m curious to see how Nintendo will handle this. They seem to have mixed some parts of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess graphically, so it should satisfy fans of each game who may not have liked the other title as much. With it fully built for Wii-mote unlike TP, I fear an even simpler difficulty than TP but I hope for the best. They have shown very little footage so I’m really hoping that they can bring Zelda into a new generation with NPC voice acting and such. Apologists LOVE to bring up why Zelda should not have voice acting, but silent link is fine, silent everyone else is not. It works for franchises like Mario where there its 99% gameplay and almost 0 story, but not for “epic adventures.

enterawesome: Nintendo games are good and Zelda is gooder. (WTF no spell check on ‘gooder’?

NeonNinja: A game from Nintendo that features Link- Gawd, those are so good.

NaveedLife: It’s Zelda, the greatest series ever made. Nuff said .

There you have it, System Wars: Your most anticipated titles at E3. Sheep look to be leading the charge with the immense expectations that have been placed on Skyward Sword, but at this point, it’s anyone’s game, and E3 2011 should be good whether you’re a Sheep, Cow, Hermit or Lemming. We at System Wars the Magazine would like to extend a very special thanks to all who voted and took the time to write up their thoughts (and especially to those of you who were anticipating more niche titles, but typed stuff for us anyway). This is a community magazine, and we can’t do this without you.

Stay cIassy, System Wars. Oh, and have a great E3.

The System Wars the Magazine Crew