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“Pilotwings is a great effort by Nintendo to show off the new system, whether or not caring for animals is your cup of tea”

Pilotwings has quite a storied history among Nintendo’s fanbase as a showpiece software. the SNES cIassic was a showpiece for Mode 7 while the 64 launched alongside the more well known Mario game at the birth of 3D games. Enter pilotwings resort, a launch title for a new Nintendo system that shows off the system to great effect. but once you start getting used to the effect, does this game have any staying power?

Pilotwings opens with an overview of Wuhu Island, the setting of several Wii series titles. the 3DS handles this massive, intricate island admirably, even able to surpass the Wii when shows the breathtaking draw distances at 1500 feet. when you start the game, your quickly entered into the Wuhu flying club and given a quick test run on the 3 basic vehicles before your free to play the meat of the game.

The gameplay is split into two main modes, mission and free roam. the Mission mode has a few dozen fun missions that take a few minutes each. Mission mode is a joy to spend time on in short bursts, with great set piece moments such as donning a flying squirrel suit that provide thrills in spades. However, mission mode is held back with a total lack of online leaderboards on a primarily score based system that pushes players to drive toward perfection. Free flight mode is a basic hunt for goodies across the island with your vehicle of choice, but a restrictive timer makes what would be an otherwise enjoyable mode seem constricted and an afterthought.

So, gamers…Kittens make you want to kick puppies? Prefer fighting indoors instead of streetside? Pilotwings Resort is a great showpiece for the OCD gamer with a 3DS. Go sign up with Wuhu and join the club!


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