BATTLE ROYALE April 2011 Part 1

Fabz_95: So who do you think was the best over the past two weeks?

It’s been a fairly slow two weeks, the PS3 scoring an AAE in Motorstorm Apocalypse and a number of good multiplats, the 360 doing the same but swap Motorstorm with arcade game Vampire Smile and Nintendo getting two A titles for the 3DS and an AAE for the DS. For me it has to be between Microsoft and Sony, both getting good multiplats in WWE All Stars, Tiger Woods 12 and Swarm, the PS3 getting an AAE but in the form of a full game in Motorstorm whilst the 360 gets an AAAE but in the form of an arcade game. Note that the PSP got its version of MLB 11 scoring a 7.0.

The clincher for me has to be the fact that Ghostbusters: Sanctum of slime scored a 4.5 for the 360 whilst it scored a 5.0 for the PS3, a huge 0.5 increase (a 1.0 increase against the PC version) makes the PS3 version the definitive one of this must-have downloadable game which means Sony just edges it for me. Who’s with me ( ) ?

Willy105: The 3DS Launch definitely took up most of the game industry’s attention in the past two weeks, as was expected. But I think the Valve alternative reality game was more interesting.

Jynxzor: Another slow week followed by slow news, still nothing ultra exciting actually happening for a few weeks. I can’t make any real judgments this week but if I had to choose I’d say the 360 got a really nice arcade game, so I’ll toss them my coin this round. Nintendo, come on…you can do better, 3DS is disappointing me so far, and until I’m coloured impressed I will be withholding my cash to get the system.

789shadow: PSP outsells 3DS in Japan. 3DS IS TEH DOOMED.

Darkspineslayer: Apparently Magrino is a professional troll. Did anyone else see that article? I thought it was an April Fools Day joke.

Jynxzor: Why must people toy with my fragile emotions like that, excuse me I have to find a short rope and a chair.

Fabz_95: So we all agree that it was a pretty poor week for the 3DS and it’s tight between the PS3 and 360. Shall we call it a draw for Sony and Microsoft?

Jynxzor: I think April Fools won.

I think the 360’s AAA arcade game edges it out for the win.

Fabz_95: That settles it then, the 360 wins the battle of April Part 1!