REVIEW: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX



Despite being a VG series which has been around for so long, Pac-Man DX is different enough for those bored of the old formula to enjoy but true enough to the original for fans of the original to enjoy too.

I wouldn’t blame you if you assumed that there isn’t much to do with the Pac-Man formula and that there aren’t enough Game Modes in the game but trust me, there is. There are around 10 different mazes which feature your standard score-attack modes (attempting to reach a certain score), completing both will unlock the next maze, and a number of time-trial modes. Couple that with a freeplay mode where there is no time limit and the fact that you can compete in leaderboards gives you plenty of reason to keep coming back to the game. The fact that you can watch ghosts of the highest scoring members is nice, especially for those who aren’t so good at Pac-Man.

The game now features sleeping ghosts, a fantastic addition to the series. Now ghosts are sleeping and if you run past them, you will wake them up and cause them to follow you. This can be used to your advantage, wake up as many as possible and then finally eating a power pellet will allow you to eat them all in a matter of seconds allowing you to make the most of not only your power pellet but the number of points you get from eating each ghosts. The game also has bombs, using one will get rid of the ghosts chasing you but will also reduce the multiplier affecting the number of points each pellet gives you so there is incentive to use them sparingly. The game can get pretty fast-paced but you are helped by the fact that when you’re close to a head-on collision with a ghost, the game is slowed down allowing you to make a choice, use one of your bombs or try and wriggle your way out of the situation you’re in. The sheer speed of the game is one of the main factors why it is so exciting to play, you’re racking up points at the speed of light but your reactions have to be just as quick since you have to make sure no wrong turns are made otherwise death or a bomb must be used sacrificing both speed and points.

Visually, the game is fantastic. There are a number of different backgrounds that can be chosen as well as different ghosts and a different Pac-Man. The backgrounds are different enough from each other and there’s enough variety for the game to never be visually be boring which is an achievement itself since you are always staring at the same 2D plane. The music is a little repetitive but won’t get annoying and the sound affects of chomping down ghosts and reaching a high multiplyer makes sure that the music isn’t all you hear.

The game is easy to play but difficult to master. The three difficulty levels affect the speed, number of bombs and number of lives you start off with and although most will find it relatively easy to beat all of the score-attacks in each maze, you just need to take one look at the leaderboard to know that you’re not a boss at the game yet. The fact that the difficulty can be changed and that the score-attacks/time trials are relatively easy means that you’ll never feel frustrated when playing the game, once you complete the score-attacks you’ll feel like you’ve reached a milestone but you know that there’s so much more to learn. Or if you’re like me and don’t care about the leaderboard, you can just play the game again and again for fun because let’s face it, Pac-Man is an addictive game.

The game could have a few more mazes and perhaps there could be a few more score-attacks (there are only two, 500,000 and 1,000,000) but the pace of the game and the variety of game modes always makes the game fun to play, the appealing backgrounds also makes the game very charming to look at the and the great leaderboards are always nice, showing you the possibilities you can reach with the game always giving you an incentive to play it. It’s rather amazing how far you can go with such a simple formula.