ARTICLE: An Ode To The Luchazine



If you were one of those traitors who abandoned Gamespot after Gerstmanngate to join GiantFlop, you may have heard of a little user run magazine over there called The Luchazine. It was pretty much the mirror version of System Wars Monthly, just as the site was a mirror version of Gamespot.

Lead by resident Toronto gamer GoranP, after months of hype, and months of production, the first issue of the Luchazine was released. Featuring a great and easy to read art styIe, with lots of content, fake ads, reviews, and more, the ‘Bomb community loved every page of it. It was the first time System Wars Monthly had a competitor (Subrosian might disagree, but that’s up to him and his never finished project).

Your mother.

The second issue again brought it up a notch
, with improvements to the layout, and more features, as well as being a bigger magazine overall. The magazine was always in the know over what was happening on their forums, and covering the events on the magazine, something System Wars Monthly got tired of doing by 2007.

Curse you!

Later on, the magazine got around the fact that you can’t post images in their native size on the ‘Bomb forums by hosting their magazine on the state of the art Scribd website. ‘Bomb members would read every issue in a very slick and amazing Flash applet that would read like a real magazine. System Wars Monthly has since uploaded our issues on the same service, showing the shameless imitators we are (like Sony).

It’s like we are flirting.

Thanks to various methods of torture (I haven’t been able to confirm this to the authorities, but one day I will find a way), The Luchazine was able to get actual real industry insiders, like game developers, to perform interviews for the magazine. That was on their third issue. By our third issue, we were still interviewing the System Wars Mob (of which I was a member).

But unfortunetaly, the highly hyped community of the ‘Bomb was not as glorious as they made themselves to be, and The Luchazine was discontinued due to no one bothering to contribute by the fifth issue. That is unlike System Wars Monthly, which has been going on for three years thanks to the support of very smart and excellent posters who always have something to say, and me.

In hindsight….

GoranP, if you are reading this, don’t give up on The Luchazine. It was a terrible loss to us, and your forum. GiantBomb deserves something to be proud of, and System Wars Monthly deserves a magazine to look up to.