REVIEW: The Beatles Rock Band

Darkspineslayer reviews The Beatles, Rock Band

The Beatles: Rock Band

Platforms: Wii, PS3, 360

Earlier this year, Harmonix came forward with the only exception to the platform approach to the rock band franchise in the form of a tribute to possibly the greatest rock band of them all, The Beatles. is this companion piece proof that enough money can buy you love, or is a little more love what the game needed?

The Beatles: Rock Band is exactly what it sounds like. a grand, 40-something song homage to the fab four. as such you spend ALL your time as the quartet on rhythm game staples like Guitar, Bass, Mic and Drums. anybody looking to jump into the series here however better bring out the checkbook with the hefty $250 for the special edition. anyone looking for just the disk however will find a walrus worth of content, whether or not you know your a Beatles fan yet. the new thing with the Beatles has players all working together with vocal harmonies by reading three microphones linked to a single controller, bringing the birthday parties up to 6 players. an updated trainer will help you train your voice and hear to pick out the different parts in each song.

Gameplay wise, aside from the vocals mentioned above instrument play remains relatively intact with a small difference in how drum overdrive, called Beatlemania in the game is carried out. Vocalists hum or sing at the same pitch as the song, drummers wail on pads and stomp down the kick peddle and the string instruments pluck along to the on screen cues using frets and a strum bar. that being said, any strict players of either Bass or Guitar best approach this title knowing that the mad fretwork demanded in Rockband 2 is absent in the tamer songs of the Beatles (if your competent in hard on another rhythm game, you can ace expert here), but any drummers might be in for a surprise when they try to imitate the ambidextrous style of Ringo Starr. My final point about the gameplay has to do with the structure of the story mode, while it suits what the game sets out to do, the difficulty can be inconsistent at times because of the era each song debuted

Sound quality is absolutely amazing, but at default the crowd is overpowering (it can be turned down or off in the options menu) and because of both the method they had to adapt the masters for a game, and because they didn’t want players messing with the songs, whammy and the effects switch is good for nothing other than building your Beatlemania. Graphics are clear and sharp, while nothing mind blowing they get the job done. the graphical style lends itself well to the almost trippy lyrics in a lot of the songs, and blends with the dream-scape environments used during the bands studio days well.

When approached on its own terms, The Beatles: Rock Band will take you on a yellow submarine ride through the storied history of a legendary band. if your looking for a new challenge to see how fast you can hit the strum bar, look elsewhere. but the Beatles:Rock band is an amazing trip through an awesome musical experience and a companion piece that nobody with a plastic instrument should miss.

Final Verdict: 9.5