REVIEW: Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort Review – darkspineslayer

…We got fun and games! we got Motion+, how do we know the games? extensive time spent in both single and multiplayer Wii Sports Resort. Nintendos shuttle to help launch its Wii Motion+ accessory is just that, a springboard for the little 1:1 add-on that could, but are we in for a little more than the previous showoff title given to us as a free pack in?

The game starts off with an instructional video on all things M+, before launching you out of a plane and into the sky-high introduction to the title seen at E3 2009. after that, its standard Mini-game-athon fare as your shown a menu with no less than 12 separate activities-over twice as many as the original! and beyond those still there are several modes within each sport. but not all of them are worth your time, and just like the original some activity’s will see less playtime than others. however not to the same level that had players on Bowling and tennis at nausieum.

The graphics in the game are nothing special either, running at a standard Wii series level. The cartooney graphics are as colourful and vibrant as ever,a bit more attention to detail and atmosphere give the game the island flare you would expect from the title and the game looks great at a mere 480P on a 56″ HDTV, but beyond that the system has done much better. Music is a similar way, nothing to out of the ordinary for a Wii series title, but fits each and every moment perfectly.

However, because of the Wii motion+, all of the games are lended a level of realism and immersion that graphics alone cannot supply. the true 1:1 motion is a spark that will relight your excitement felt when you first got your hands on Motion control. Archery and Swordplay could not have been better mimicked unless you had a real bow or sword, throwing a Frisbee is exactly the same as if you were to throw a real one, and the ball reacts to each tiny change in the angle of your paddle in Table tennis. Even the returning bowling and golf are afforded that much more control and immersion. even though this is what the Wii should have done in the first place, its nice to have it now.

At the end of the day, is it worth the ticket price to Wuhu Island? with a couple friends around (and maybe a few drinks) the game can be a ton of fun, single player will last awhile, but not as long as another title. but if you have some buddies and the cash for another M+ than this is one memorable vacation that no Wii owner should miss.