Weather Report – Tsug_Ze_Wind

Hello SW! I’m Tsug_Ze_Wind, and I’m back from no-internet hell just in time to be your weathersheep this month.

We’re just emerging from the complete void that is post-E3 SW, and there are actually things to argue about! Imagine that! Here’s what we were all bickering about this month.


The PS3 Slim was the biggest news this month. Two years ago, this would have been huge and a major weapon for the cows, now it’s just filling the role of obigatory mid-gen console redesign. It may not affect the sales war, but it’s some good news that’ll push plenty of people off the fence about buying a PS3. (In the good way.)

It all started (or just continued) when Wii Sports Resort got an AA from GS (and who called it? Oh that’s right, I did) and the “lower standards” argument reared its ugly head yet again. And yet again, the hermits were laughing. ROFL-ing, even. It seems the sheep can’t catch a break when it comes to cows and lemmings stealing arguments from the PC crowd.

Is there a more hardcore crowd than racing nerds? The eternal debate between GT5 and Forza rages on, and this isn’t just another cows vs. lemmings war. Absolutely every possible detail has been compared by now, and probably many times. I’d get sick following these arguments, but I’m guessing the final verdict will be that GT5 looks more realistic, but Forza is a more realistic bet to come out sometime this century.


And now for the forecast:

Fall never can come too soon for a topic-starved SW, but don’t expect too much to happen until we near the end of the year. With E3 setting up a crazy 2010 showdown, it seems ’09 is already old news. Still, there are definitely some big games to keep an eye on, and some entertainment to be found this holiday season.


Until next time, Scribblenauts. Believe it.