REVIEW: System Wars: Mod Squad Episode 1

Systems Wars: The Mod Squad Review – Brianfox1

As some of you already know System Wars Mod Squad is here made my one of our fellow GS members Willy105. K_smoove previewed this game last month and now I’m here with the review. All rights of this game go to Willy105 this game is not to be sold. So lets get started with the review shall we?

Gameplay: The game starts out as you a Manticore patrolling the System Wars board. You wield the mighty GS ban hammer so all the users fate rests in your hand. At first you will approach to groups of users one is cows and the other lemming I believe that what they are you have to ban one group to pass. Eventually you will meet up with a fellow mod a cow who I found to be the bets character in the game. You will do some other stuff after that. I won’t spoil the surprises for you.

Graphics: One word describes the graphics NES when I first saw this game that is the first thing that game to my mind. For those of you that will go ban crazy it easy for you to pick out a mod from fellow GS members mods wear shades other users don’t. The users are a little hard to tell what animals they are (except for the cows) it took me a second to figure out what you character is (a manticore). The users are like real GS users you would expect they don’t stand alone they are in little pack which I thin k means boards they will face users for a second then walk away.

Controls: A huge pit fall for this game Willy didn’t explain using the controls in the game at beginning so at first it is a tedious task pressing every button to figure out what does what. But after you figure out what does what it is easy to play. Our hero in the game (a manticore I have no idea what his name is) he tends to walk VERY slow. So the game uses the shift button which makes him walk faster than he does believe me you can tell when he using it. You do have a pause menu that you can use to equip items, save your game, and check your game status.

Overall score: I’ll give this game a …
9.0 SW Monthly Writer’s Choice

It is very fun it’s not to long and most important of all in this economy IT’S FREE. So I would say you should download it.