ARTICLE: The E3 2009 Aftermath

The E3 Aftermath Verdict ~darkspineslayer

The Aftermath

The Good, The Bad, and The Giant Enemy Crabs of E3 2009

So E3 has come and gone. no longer are the cows all snug in there beds while visions of Kratos dance in there heads. what was dubbed by a personal friend of mine to be the equivalent to Christmas for gamers is now past. but did it deliver?

Lets start off with Microsoft’s conference, fairly strong lineup here. we started off with the opening cinematic for the Beatles Rock Band in all its trippy glory, and the two surviving Beatles making fools of themselves on stage (Graphics are good!) XD

But when the two surviving Beatles on stage is the low point of your showing, you know the conference was good. Microsoft wasted no time in showing off some tony hawk ride and then swiftly moved onto announcements like Crackdown 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell conviction, Forza 3, and Halo Reach. not to mention dating several titles such as Halo 3 ODST. the megaton was still to come though.

I could explain it, but….

Several years away or not, you gotta admit Natal is freakin’ sweet. Peter Molenuex gushing about how that woman was “REALLY CONNECTING” with Milo was a bit creepy, but awesome as well. i, as well as many others will be looking forward to this, with hopes they don’t **** it up.

Next up, Nintendo…with a surprisingly strong showing this year!

Nintendo went full board out of the gate, probably not the greatest move considering the lackluster middle half of the conference but Nintendo wasted no time showing us an all new 4 player 2-D Mario title, New Super Mario Bros for Wii (working title, i hope). throughout the conference we were continually pummeled by the big man in red by Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s inside story and Mario VS Donkey Kong 3. after a considerably lackluster part where they showed off casual titles such as Women’s Murder Club: Games of passion, a fashion focused title for girls, Wii Sports Resort and the Wii vitality sensor (didn’t they say we were done with the peripherals?) Nintendo went full board core gamer focused again with Golden Sun DS, Super Mario Galaxy 2 (the megatons!) and finally, Metroid: Other M…

/end nerdgasm.

And finally, lets hear from Sony…

Sony had next to nothing that didn’t get leaked. the only surprises were the PSP Go being priced higher than a freaking 360 arcade, Modnation Racers and Agent. the PSmote was cool, but it does the exact same thing as the Wiiremote with M+. guess what one is going to be more successful. last notes are an extended, polished trailer for the last guardian (also leaked) and an expanded demo for God of war 3, along with a date

Overall, i believe that Nintendo had the best showing, but like Tsug said in his report the highest honor for System wars is to have the other fractions pretend it never happened. I’ll give it to Nintendo, with MS in second and Sony in third. Until next year…