REVIEW: Legends of Wrestlemania Demo


25 years ago Vince McMahon created what today in the WWE’s called the Grand Daddy of ’em all. Wrestlemania. Hundreds of superstars have had the luck of stepping inside a Wrestlemania ring. From Hulk Hogan to The Rock to John Cena today, Wrestlemania has been staged with some of the greatest moments in wrestling and sports entertainment history. When Hulk Hogan bodyslammed Andre The Giant, Undertaker’s UNDEFEATED streak for 16 years. And in my opinion the greatest rivalry ever: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock.

THQ and Jakks Pacific decided now that instead of adding the legends into the SvR franchise they think making a TOTALLY different game with wrestlers that have stepped into that ring for the past 25 years.. Is a good idea. My thoughts? No.

It’s a complete button mashing experience. Sure it’s the demo and you can’t judge much, but really every move you’re going to pull off pulls you into this minigame where you have to press one of the 4 buttons: A,X,B or Y in a sequence. If you press them all correctly as shown on screen you pull off the move good. I mean.. Why not just stick to the same controls as SvR, seriously it’s the same game

I like the ”Relive” mode, it shows you about a 2 minute video of the greatest rivalries in the WWF/WWE. For example the one in the demo is Austin vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 15, when Austin beat The Rock for the WWF Title. That’s the only thing I like about this mode the video. I don’t like fighting it again because it gives you a list of ”Objctives” you have to pull off, in order for the match to be won 100%. Things like throw him outside the ring, put your opponent through the Spanish announce tables, your finisher, make him bleed… Well you can pretty much get the idea. I mean why not just LET you do everything naturally instead of making play a match the way it was ”built” to be played? Just because it’s called ”Relive” it doesn’t necessarilly mean you have to do every little thing Austin and The Rock did in the match, right? RIGHT?!?!

Also in Exhibition you only have one match type and only 2 legends. These being Andre and Hogan. Yep, no one else. Sadly.

All in all I didn’t like this demo. Many of you will say ”Oooh, but it’s the demo, you can’t judge yet.” Hey, the game comes out the 24th, what’s THQ gonna change??? Anyways I say, nice try though. Could’ve been better, but still nice try.