Hello SW! I’m Tsug_Ze_Wind, and I’ll be your weathersheep.

This month in SW there was Killzone flood, MadWorld blood, and assorted zombie bits. Luckily, I was able to escape to Arizona for the past week and enjoy the weather and the spring training baseball games. Plenty of zombies there as well, however.

Forecast (NOTE: May Contain Zombies):


Cows: They’re….they’re everywhere

As the PS3 hot streak continues with Killzone 2 and MLB ’09, somehow there are even more cows now then there were a month ago, when you couldn’t swing around a pro-360 post without smacking one. The weather is the Sony camp is hard to determine, as any sight of the sky is blocked by bovines. The cowbell solo will continue until E3 and perhaps well after, as no one has seen a non-cow fanboy in days. PLEASE SEND HELP

Lemmings: Win Some, Lose Some Zombies

Speaking of thousands of lifeless beings, Dead Rising is no longer a 360 exclusive. Originally it maintained its exclusivity when Dead Rising: Chop ‘Til You Drop was deemed too different to be considered the same game. That has now changed for some reason. The lemmings did, however, win a 1,000 post battle on MLB ’09 with the official decision that it is not a PS3 exclusive, and does not get any points for being a “Playstation Exclusive.” The lemmings would be satisfied with the result if there were any left in SW.

Sheep: It’s A Mad, Mad Month

The Nintendo camp took a huge hit with the flopping of MadWorld, dropping the SW sheep population to 1.5. I speak on behalf of two thirds of the sheep community when I say…OUCH. Hopefully in the next month we can bring the population back up to a healthy 5.

Hermits: Okay, On Second Thought, It IS War

Right when the hermits were distracted with their victory over the lemmings in the Battle of Halo Wars, the Gamespot forces dropped an 8.5 on Empire: Total War. The lemming army quickly made an official statement: “thats wat u get 4 rushing, n00bz”

Manticores: No Vacancy

Please try General Games Discussion, ahead next exit.


Until next time, baseball >>>>> your sport, and the Brewers >>>>> Your team.