February Roundtable Discussion: Is System Wars Healthy for the Mind of a Gamer?

February Roundtable Discussion – System Wars Monthly Staff

“Is System Wars healthy for the mind of a gamer?”

Darkspineslayer says:

Healthy? that depends on how seriously you take it.

a sheep breaking down in real life because some random poster said the Wii sux without facts and using soley opinions is unhealthy.

Deadman1290 says:

Well, some people here in SW take SW TOO seriously. And I know some take it so seriously that they end up hating other consoles, games or people just because of their…how do you call it? Fanboyism?

SW was created so people can have arguments and debates between each system. SW today is NOTHING like that.

So I say NO, SW is NOT healthy for the mind of a gamer.

Tsug_Ze_Wind says:

Is it “healthy?” I think you guys are taking it more seriously than I am.

There are people who understand SW, and people who are on the wrong board. For the latter group, it may be “unhealthy.”

Magiciandude says:

SW? Healthy? Ha! These two words do not belong in the same sentence!

Darkspineslayer says:

Healthy or not, Gamespot knows its a necessary evil.

Tjeremiah1988 says:

My friend is a walking SW and its scary. The guy takes everything serious if you were to talk bad about a 360. Once even stormed out of our computer programming ****and got emotional because I said 360 is in fact faulty. Its scary.