WEATHER REPORT: November 2008

Weather Report – Tsug_Ze_Wind

Hello SW! I’m Tsug_Ze_Wind, and I’ll be your weathersheep this evening.

Gears 2! Resistance 2! Clash of the titans! The world was to end this month!

…Except, not really.

In an anticlimactic finish to the latest cow-lemming battle, both games scored 9.0. I’m pretty sure this has been spun every possible way by both sides by now, but the fact is, it’s a draw. I know it’s disappointing, but there was no ownage and you argued for months for nothing. Now sit down, shut up, and enjoy your AAA games.

Or, for cows, you could wait for your next Halo/Gears killer, Killzone 2. But cows, not content with waiting until the actual Gamespot review to rage against the machine, jumped on an error in a Gamespot preview article and continued their hateful mooing long after the error was corrected, proving once again that the sequel to a sub-A game = serious business.

Meanwhile, the sequel to two AA games apparently isn’t that big a deal for sheep, as Animal Crossing: City Folk scored an unfortunately expected 7.5. Status quo maintained for the sheep, who are now wishing they could just fast-forward to 2009.

Lemmings are currently having fun creating Miis with the “New Xbox Experience.” Sorry, I mean Avatars. No, I actually do mean Miis. Apparently MS can rip ’em right off the Wii Menu, but Mii Editors on the Web are paid a visit from N. I don’t know. You guys enjoy yourselves, I’ll stick with the 100 I’ve made on the Mii Channel.

Summary: Gears 2’s failure to wipe the floor with Resistance 2 is a small victory for cows, and it must be mating season or something, because they are aggressive. Look for stampeding herds anytime “Killzone” or “Gametrailers” is mentioned. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts should tide the lemmings over until they can reclaim the board. Lemmings, Rare is good, yes?