REVIEW: World of Goo

World Of Goo – PC Review – Fabz_95

World of Goo… Its hard to believe the game was created by just 2 people.

Especially since the game is absolutely genius, has charming visuals, definitely worth the money, has tonnes of replay value and overall is just an amazing game.

Lets start off with the gameplay.

When you start up world of goo there’ll be a menu consisting of 5 worlds (of course you have to start off with the 1st one) and the world of goo Corporation but we’ll talk about that later. In world of goo each level you have 1 sole objective. Get a certain number of Goo balls into the tube. Of course there are a number of obstacles in your way forcing you to use your goo to create certain structures so your goo can reach the tube. And this is where the game shines.

The freedom of the structures you can create with the goo is amazing, especially once you get further into the game when different types of goo are introduced, which each have different abilities. The level design is brilliant as in every single level there are some genius obstacles in your path, thus making you use your ‘genius’ to get past these obstacles. One reason why these structures are so easy to make is because the physics in the game are absolutely spot on and the goo balls bend just how you would expect them too. The physics for each goo ball are different depending on which type you are using and once you unlock some of the more complex types of goo the physics in the game really shine. Another clever part of the gameplay is that not only must you be able to create a structure that can reach the tube, but you also have to do this without using all your goo balls otherwise there will be no balls left to actually enter the tube.

One of the more interesting stages.

Although the further you get into the game the more difficult the levels get, the levels never feel unfair as if you’re clever enough you can always easily work out how to reach the actual tube, actually creating the structure being the difficult part. Still if the game gets too difficult for some, you can go back a move which gives you the ability to fix whatever mistake you made the in the last move you made. The game also gives you the ability to skip a level if you find it too difficult although it limits you to 6 skips for the whole game. There are also signposts (like the one in the picture above) which gives you tips during each stage.

The graphics in the game are absolutely brilliant and shows that 2D gaming is alive and kicking. Every stage is vibrant and full of colour (although there are some darker stages they are only made dark to suit the mood of the stage) and as each goo has eyes and makes noises its as if every goo ball has their own personality (this becomes more obvious once you unlock different types of goo). The physics in the game are absolutely brilliant, which is what you expect as the whole game is based on the physics, and although you’d expect it to mainly affect the gameplay it also makes the game look a lot better. The sounds in the game are also pretty great as the music in the game perfectly suits each stage and the sounds that each goo ball makes are a nice addition to the game and add to the personality of the game a lot.

Darker stages like this can be very interesting.

Although there are only 5 worlds in the game and there are only about 8-10 stages per world depending on the person each world can take from 1 hour to complete to 3 hours depending on the skill of the person playing it. Still theres a tonne of replay value and thats where the world of Goo Corporation comes in. In each stage you have a set number of goo balls to collect (lets say 6 for example). If you then, once completing the level, collected 10 goo balls the 4 extra goo balls are sent to the world of goo corporation. Here you are able to create your own huge structure, the sole goal being to try and make your tower as tall as possible. You can then compare your towers with other people around the world as clouds will float towards your tower telling you the name, country and height of people that have towers taller than you or shorter than you. This players the incentive to go back to stages they have completed and try to complete the stage with as little amount of balls as possible.

The world of Goo Corporation can add 5 minutes replay value or 5 hours replay value depending on how much time you are willing to spend on it but most people will spend around 2-3 hours on it as it is very addictive and it is very enjoyable trying to make your structure as tall as possible especially since you are competing with thousands of people around the world. The actual story mode of the game will take a skilled gamer 4-6 hours to complete but if you enjoy taking your time on a game and are willing to go back and try to get as many balls as you can so you can add to the World of Goo Corporation and if you are willing to spend a long time on it you can easily get 10 hours or more out of this game.

Overall, like I said before, the game is beautiful, the gameplay is genius, the game has tonnes of replay value and for $20 this is probably the best downloadable game you can get, for that price. Essential.